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ShadowLover Member
ShadowLover Dec 18 '15
@Sokiretose. I don't know a lot about the history of Satanism, but to my knowledge they have never tried to terrorise and force their rule over whole societies. Satanists aren't into non-consensual gang-rape and blowing shit up.

When shit happens around the world, there has always been a certain amount of fear that goes with it - often orchestrated by those who mean to control.

But don't let a fear of being fearful cloud your judgement. The red flag of fear is part of your survival instinct. And by fear, I don't mean a scared little woosey, but rather the hair standing up on the back of your neck, or something in your gut that tells you that something is just wrong. Sometimes we need fear to wake us up.

Christians raped the world for centuries... Whole indigenous cultures were lost. With hindsight, what do you think Australia's Aborigines and America's Natives would have done differently when greeting Christians? The world's demographics have always experienced change - don't think they can't change again.

Muslim people aren't evil. Not even terrorists are evil. They do what they do for your own good. They only want to save your soul. Just like the Christians did... And they are committed and passionate!

We can't let political correctness dictate how we think.
We can't let the fear of being seen as fearful override our instinctive responses.

Governments and media have tied it all up into a big ball of guilt to manipulate people's responses. We have to untangle it all in our own heads. I like Arabs. I like Persians. I believe in the freedom to worship who you choose. But you can shove your Sharia fucking Law up your arse!

And it won't be the terrorists who bring Sharia Law into the States or its allied countries... But if we are not careful it will be brought in in the future through superior voting power. Our future's hindsight is now.

I'm not a fan of Trump because I think he is lacking in empathy when dealing with the less fortunate, but sometimes you need the presence of people like him to say the things that nobody wants to say and to take a tough stance.

Regardless, saw this the other day and thought it was funny...

ShadowLover Member
ShadowLover Dec 18 '15
I'm not a fan of martial law... I think once you have in in place you are one psycho away from being a dictatorship. There are not too many people I would trust with that much power.
Millsy Member
Millsy Dec 19 '15
Does martial law have anything to do with martial arts?
ShadowLover Member
ShadowLover Dec 19 '15
@Millsy. Martial law is kind of where the normal landscape of law  and police is replaced with military law and enforced by soldiers. The components can vary but you may see things like the removal of all guns, curfews, roadside ID checks and random checks of individuals in the street. Basically, if they think you are dodgy they don't have to follow and normal rules like getting a warrant or having cause to toss your vehicle. (I don't mind the checks bit).

This kind of thing worries me because I feel people are left very vulnerable and unable to protect themselves or raise objections. Once people are defenseless like this they are easier to control and if somebody up the top had bad intentions you would be sitting ducks - already wrapped up neatly and just waiting for someone to stick a bow on your head.

But I only know about it from movies,,, I'm sure somebody else here would have a much more thorough and accurate explanation.

ShadowLover Member
ShadowLover Dec 20 '15
I had to look up what a National guard was - I think it is what we call the Army Reserves.

I don't mind some parts of Martial Law. I think the random checks and the ability to investigate people suspected of being radical is a good idea at present. So long as they don't go seizing guns and interrupting the daily lives of everyday citizens.

I have issue with the seizing of guns simply because if I wanted to overpower the States I would implement full martial law, seize the guns, herd the people into guarded and controllable sections, recording the comings and goings of individuals in those sections, and then have the enemy march over the top and replace the guards. Done!

If I wanted to overpower Australia I would just drop a line of bombs down the East Coast which would wipe out most of the population.  We almost have 24million people now but 90% of them live along the East coast. LOL.

Our last Prime Minister (who I liked) implemented a federal Law  allowing the deportation of any dual national who committed any act associated with terrorism, and stripping them of their Australian Citizenship on the way out the door. He was also tough on border control regarding country shoppers. I think our new Prime Minister is going to go soft on the borders - he's too busy blowing the UN.

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Carreau Dec 24 '15
"Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."

Benjamin Franklin 1755

I don't generally like to resort to name calling but since you so freely felt it necessary to label anyone opposed to Marshal Law "weak minded", I'll begin by calling you exactly what you are: a Statist ignorant coward.  You are the very person Ayn Rand and afterwards LaVey railed against.

You're not a Satanist, you are a pathetic altruist putting the supposed safety of the State above personal liberty, freedom of movement, individual rights, and the very freedom you enjoy to post on these board, SPEECH.  To publicly admit to being a bootlicker is refreshing though.  Now we all know what you are, and what you aren't.

Hartnell Dec 24 '15
@Sokiretose:  Where did you get that idea LaVey, in his later years, 'openly flirted' with 'quasi-fascist authoritarianism ' .... etc etc etc? Please name the official CoS publication in which he can be clearly be read to be 'openly flirting'.

Non-offical blog posts mean dick and shit. Don't bother with them, I won't bother reading them.

Carreau Dec 24 '15
I have read and own everything Lavey wrote himself and published, please refer me to the item and page number to prove your assertion. 

Hyperbole?  Why don't you look up what it actual means when Marshal Law is enacted, educate yourself. 
Millsy Member
Millsy Dec 24 '15
Why can't we just stop allowing Islamic immigrants into the US?  They really don't integrate well into socially liberal societies.  Instead they should stay in their own countries and try to turn them into places they will not want to leave. The other solution is deportation for safety reasons....aka you are threatening the rest of our citizens by staying here so we're giving you the boot.

I hate how everyone is jumping on the 'omg islamaphobia boat'  -  as if the only thing that matters is if a few people look at someone weird because they're yelling allhu akbar.  Who cares that hundreds of random people were blown to kingdom come because they went to a concert, the real tragedy is that the guy wearing a turban on his head and his wife whose wearing a blanket with slits to see out of can't get into Disneyland. 

Carreau Dec 24 '15
I do not idolize anyone. 

Serpent postings were nonsensical.  He either doesn't understand what Marshal Law really entails or he does which is even worse.  

So your proof that LaVey advocated an authoritarian rule because one member at the time had what you admitted was a "shtick"?

I'll leave you to it, I'm done with this thread.
Millsy Member
Millsy Dec 26 '15
The Irish don't integrate well?  

I'm not saying deport all muslims.  I have friends who are "muslim" but don't practice.  I don't think Islam is a healthy religion.  I'm not sure what to do.  

Not sure what to say.

ShadowLover Member
ShadowLover Dec 26 '15
I'm all for closing the borders to Islamic immigration in the current climate. Doesn't mean I don't have empathy for their plight, or dislike them. I don't dislike sharks either and would have empathy for one that was sick or injured - doesn't mean I would put it in my swimming pool to swim with my kids!

While you have organisations pushing for Sharia Law, the sanest thing we can do is control their numbers and voting power within our democratic societies. They breed like fucking rabbits, so no need to be importing them as well. And any who support extremism, who have dual citizenship, should be quarantined and deported as quickly as possible before they spread their disease.
Pusher Mod
Pusher Dec 27 '15
I do not see Islam as a problem. ALL religions have been killing people for thousands of years. Radical Christians were still burning people alive for heresy and witchcraft a few hundred years ago. On good authority an estimated nine million people were legally put to death for crimes against the church. 

So, today it is radical Islam killing infidels. Big deal. Far cry from nine million people still. One day people will realize it is religion that is the problem. Not Islam or ' radical ' Islam. 

ShadowLover Member
ShadowLover Dec 27 '15
@Pusher. When a group of people is coming into my country and killing my country people and raping my country's daughters, and hell bent on changing my country's culture I consider that a problem. I don't really care if it is a religious group or not - they can get fucked.
Pusher Mod
Pusher Dec 27 '15

Quote from ShadowLover @Pusher. When a group of people is coming into my country and killing my country people and raping my country's daughters, and hell bent on changing my country's culture I consider that a problem. I don't really care if it is a religious group or not - they can get fucked.
People coming into your country, raping your daughters and trying to change your culture? Oh, like your ancestors did when they came to this country? I see. Yeah kinda sucks doesn't it. Christians have been doing it and are still doing it all over the world and in this country. Raping? Well all sorts of people rape people. Trying to change 'your' culture? Yeah that is what groups do both political and religious. So why is it a Islam problem specifically? When nearly all groups of nations, politics and religion have been doing this since known history.
ShadowLover Member
ShadowLover Dec 28 '15
@Pusher. This is where people have to be able to separate stuff in their minds... I don't give a toss what my ancestors did 300 years ago, no matter what they did. I'm not going to fall on my own sword because I have some unresolved cultural guilt because my people have also been a bunch of arseholes throughout history. And I'm certainly not going to turn around when the young girls in my land are getting gang raped and tell them, "You know what? You kinda had it coming because your great great grand daddy was racist piece of shit."

This is my time. The Islamic problem is happening now.

If we bury our heads in the sand and allow the demographics and laws around us to change, then you know what? They WILL change. The objective of the Islamic people is to institute Sharia Law across all of the lands. Are you going to lay down and simply say, "Well hell... Guess I had that coming."
DevilMan Chapter Head
DevilMan Dec 29 '15
His/Her thoughts are at the same level as yours. You may be fighting a lost cause i say dont waste your time. I myself had a great uncle by the name of Joseph Byrne of the Kelly gang my beleifes are as Aussie as I know what your feeling. Coexistance will never happen .not in our lifetime anyway. Fuck it .
Zach Black Owner
Zach Black Dec 31 '15
Co-existence is a pipe dream. I feel that ANYBODY who engages in such behavior should be exterminated. Although I do not think blaming all of Islam is fair. After all we are talking about a very small group of people among hundreds of millions of Islams. 
Revan Member
Revan Jan 2 '16

islam reminds me of high school girls, the kind that can't go thru their day unless they put someone down. we all got problems, I think that muslims should just mind their own business, and let me get on with mine. that being said, if you are muslim and try to "force " your beliefs on me, well then you better run fast... just sayin

ExOrienteNox Mar 12 '16
In my own Opinion,  The Problem is the Abrahamic Religion,  I see many Christian saying that the Quran is teaching muslim to do Very Bad Things, like killing Homosexual,  Stoning Adultery women, etc...

But the Christian didn't realise that the same teaching is written in their bible, the only difference is that Muslim aply these Teaching, Most of the Christian dont.

The Abrahamic Religion are by nature, Very Intolerant in regard of Other Faith and these Religion, if Followed completely are able to turn a Very Good and Reasonable person in a Extremist,

Monotheism = One truth = Intolerance, war etc...

Polytheism = Many Truth = Tolerance, Peace etc...

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