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ShadowLover Member
ShadowLover Mar 13 '16
I don't think the Islamic problem is so much a religious problem as a maths one and that is very dangerous simply because people neglect to see the danger.

I don't care who believes in what. The problem lies with those who do. For example, the Aborigines and Native Americans didn't care if white people wanted to believe in Jesus - they were happy to let them do that. The trouble is, the white people weren't content to do the same - they were obligated to their God to convert the heathens. 

It is the same now with Muslim people. They are not happy to exist beside the infidel - they are obligated to Allah to make the lands pure. And as their numbers increase in each country they push for more and more leverage.

I am not saying they are bad - they are just true believers... Like the Christians were when they righteously raped the world.  The trouble is, when people don't learn from history, history repeats! Only this time, we are the natives at risk of losing our way of life. Why we sit around pretending they are just like us, they are moving their chess pieces into position. They are not like us - they are like the classic Christians of yesteryear... The ones that raped the world!

The numbers need to be controlled.

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Sturmgeist88 Apr 12 '16
The difference between christiantiy and islam is that christians as a collective have grown up, and muslims are still barbarians. A LOT of evil has been committed under christianity, but the same can be said of pretty much any other religion or even race, nation, etc. Humanity was savage, and still is a lot of the time.

Honesty I've lived in christian-majority areas all my life, and most of them suck and make non-believer's lives hell or miserable. However, I haven't been beheaded, stoned or burned alive for being a non-believer.

I hate christians, but i like CHRISTians; big difference.

Christians who actually follow the basic gist of what Jesus taught, such as giving to the poor, being non-violent, being pacifist (but activist in a way mind you), being tolerant and basically hippy like.... I don't got any beef with them. If you look at a lot of third world cultures in the late 20th century, christian missionaries arrived and converted the native tribes to their religion. Most of the time, these tribes became significantly less violent and more civilized. Look at many papua new guinean tribes for example. fucked up stuff like cannibalism died off with the advent of the missionaries preachings.

Islam. Sunnis are some scary motherfuckers. We had the charlie hebdo attacks and 2005 danish lynching perpetrated mainly because of white natives poking satire or critique of the muslim cult. These people brutlaly lost their lives by the religion of peace. Later in 2015, paris became a bloodbath as 9 isis islamic idiots murdered 139 innocent people (one was an aquiantance of mine. Rest his soul.) and injured 380 others, 60-70 of them critically.

Christianity in comparison as far as I know doesn't have nearly as many murderers in the modern world. Anders Breivik and Timothy Mcveigh were agnostics, only pro-christian at all as a natsoc / neonazi cultural asset.

Honestly imagine of the game "Muhammed Sex Simulator" made the headlines. Do you think muslims would've reacted peacefully to that game? If they're willing to fucking LYNCH someone for just questioning their fucking cult, then imagine what would happen from MSS.

Islam is not fucking peaceful at all and one of my buddies died from its believers. Where I live is a redneck wasteland and these idiots interfere with seperation of church of state, but I havent been murdered by them. Yet..
ol' grimey
ol' grimey Apr 13 '16
Frankly, genocide....of the root and stem of the problem. Get rid of the Islamic power structure, that is to say consider Islam anathema and detrimental to satanic and to western values/culture and not allow any Muslims into incompatible cultural territory, where there is inevitable clash of cultures and interests. I mean is it really that hard to figure out? By the way I can't help to notice that your nym is the same as one of the Finland HS shooter's name, he was known as 'sturmgeist89' what's up with that?  
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Sturmgeist88 Apr 13 '16
i did it for the lulz
and i actually knew him back in 07 when he was naturalselect

and actually its not his name. I'm 88, not 89
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ol' grimey
ol' grimey Apr 14 '16

Quote from Sturmgeist88 i did it for the lulz
and i actually knew him back in 07 when he was naturalselect

and actually its not his name. I'm 88, not 89
"I did it for the lulz". I know right. But also, another way it can be perceived is as bait, in order for some one undercover to try and catch out some one like sturmgeist89/natural select or more recently that incident with that one kid in order to say. "we've got one sir"!  Oops, I did say the same didn't I?  I meant to say similar.
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Sturmgeist88 Apr 14 '16
feds already visited me a long while ago. I linked them to a few articles about "Trolls".

havent been partyv& or emailed by them since
ol' grimey
ol' grimey Apr 15 '16

Quote from Sturmgeist88 feds already visited me a long while ago. I linked them to a few articles about "Trolls".

havent been partyv& or emailed by them since
lol it's just a pity that they don't pay visits to muslims, what with the quran and books of hadith filled with anti non muslim rhetoric of a violent nature, that would make those like sturmgeist89 and others look like philanthropists or something. ha ha ha ha
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ol' grimey
ol' grimey Apr 17 '16

Quote from FraterLuciferi
Quote from ExOrienteNox In my own Opinion,  The Problem is the Abrahamic Religion,  I see many Christian saying that the Quran is teaching muslim to do Very Bad Things, like killing Homosexual,  Stoning Adultery women, etc...

But the Christian didn't realise that the same teaching is written in their bible, the only difference is that Muslim aply these Teaching, Most of the Christian dont.

Islam is nothing more than a hoax created by islamists as Muhammed was a political and military leader. 

Judaism and Christianity are religions and religions reformats over time during the evolution of societies. Monotheism is not necessarily intolerance because there are other monotheistic religions such as Sikhism, Bahá and Zoroastrianism. 

Christianity is based on the teachings of Christ and not the bible in itself as Christ only teaches Christians to love God and the next in order to clean the original sin. USA is in reality not a Christian nation but a conservative nation as most people in US are religious illerates.

Judaism is based on the teaching of the hebrew people being the chosen people who still waits for Messias. They deny Christ being Messias because they believe Messiah will first come when there is sign of co-existence in the world.

Might I add that Christians, at least the evangelical strain, as well as the Eastern orthodox Church consider the Jewish Messiah to be the Anti Christ.

ol' grimey
ol' grimey Apr 17 '16

The problem with Islam, quite frankly is that it needs a reformation the likes of what Christianity went through. If you genuinely want to understand the Islamic Problem look at pre reformation Christianity, there may have well been moderate Christians in those times, but, even those felt that homosexuals should be killed and all the rest, the same as moderate Muslims of today. More over, though there are moderate Muslims who aren't radicalized, Islam over all as an institution, as it is in the grass roots sense, still silently endorses default support of radical Muslims for the reasons I mentioned above. This makes the importation of Muslims into the west a huge problem; just look at the Muslim no go areas in places like London, Paris... and these aren't necessarily radical Muslims, but moderates, who can easily be infiltrated by radicalized Muslims, who in turn can influence many to act in radical ways in keeping with Sharia law, that obviously can spill over into the larger society outside of these all Muslim neighborhoods within these places, because of the overall incompatibility between the cultures.

We don't need moderate Muslims, but modern Muslims that are made civilized by bringing them into the 21st century culturally and/or perhaps psychologically, that is to say, in any case, a complete reformation of the whole religion of Islam and of Muslim culture, not to mention the over all culture of these primitive people being imported into the west under cuckoldism and white guilt regressivism.

Christianity went through at least a three phase reformation, beginning with the protestant reformation, followed by the renaissance reformation, all the way up to the reformation in the Enlightenment period.( classical Deism/Deist in America and England at that time was still considered very much Christian and all classical Deists still thought of themselves as Christians, only minus what they saw as innovations by what they called the priestcraft, especially in the areas of what went against common sense; the virgin birth...) Islam needs to follow suit and these imported Muslims need to be modernized before they are imported anywhere in the west. To better illustrate this FACT, imagine if Christianity and Christians still are as they were in the middle ages and in preceding periods, but especially the middle ages and they were being imported into culturally and politically incompatible areas, all in the name of so called tolerance and shit like that, despite the fact they are insulating themselves within their host countries and are anathema towards the values and way of life of those countries who was so kind to allow them asylum for whatever reason, talk about ingrates.

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ol' grimey
ol' grimey Apr 17 '16

Quote from ExOrienteNox            

But the Christian didn't realise that the same teaching is written in their bible, the only difference is that Muslim aply these Teaching, Most of the Christian dont.

Firstly, no Christian today apply these teachings, not in the west anyway. Why? Because Christianity was reformed a long time ago. Islam needs the same reformation...especially if any Muslim, asylum seeker or not expects to be allowed anywhere in the west. As a side note to what you heap on "Abrahamic" religions as if they are sentient and self conscious, the problem is with the nature of the formulators of those religions. If Christianity and Islam, as offshoots of Judaism think adulterous women, homosexuals and the like should be stoned as you say, it is the psychology of Moses, St. Paul, Muhammad and of the Inquisitors that should be brought into question, along with the adherents who think and act along the same lines. know what I'm saying?  
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Paul Ross Fletcher Member
Paul Ross Fletcher Sep 10 '16
I foresee a mass genocide of muslims in the not too distant future. 
Flynch Sep 18 '16
First step is understanding that there is Islam and then there are Muslims. Islam is the doctrine and not the people. Secular Muslim look at the doctrine and they cherry pick the good and either ignore, deny or accept the violent ones as historical and not acceptable today. The fundamentalist see every single verse as a fact to be acted upon. There is no co-existing with such a mindset. 

Political correctness is not a friend. Socially Islam gets more gets more protection from criticism. Criticism towards Christianity do not receive the same level of attention or backlash. Politicians never held a press conferences to defend Christianity. Islam should not be held to a different standard, all ideologies and beliefs can be questioned and criticized, without this views don't change. 

Religious schools in the UK can be granted exemption from teaching science and other religions. There are children being taught creationism as fact with no counter argument being taught. This needs to stop, religion is not grounds for privilege. 

We can arrest known hate preachers for a start rather than just sticking them on a 'watch list' and leave them to spread their cancerous ideology. There are multiple videos of radical protests inciting violence, which is criminal and yet arrests are rarely made. 

The police and local council covered up grooming gangs for ten years because in their own words they didn't want to rock the cultural boat. How we will ever make a difference if our government and police won't act on clear criminal behaviour for fear of being chastised. 

The Satanist
The Satanist Oct 17 '16
Brothers/Sisters, this problem we are seeing, is going to blow up one day, civil strife in the streets, killings, and total riots. I remember once, a Muslim told me this, "You are afraid of us, because we are taking over your Country!" If that says things loud and clear what is happening, there is no hope for any other solution, they only know violence, either in the form of words, or physical motions.
ol' grimey
ol' grimey Jan 2 '17

It would seem to me that Islam isn't "safe" yet to castigate, least all not to Satanists and others of like mind. It's easy to beat and kick a dead horse like Christianity, as Satanists are fond of doing, but when it comes to a living, wild and unbridled horse like Islam, you would most likely hear the 'not all' defense from many, if not most, or even a great number of Satanists when it comes to Islam, as well as to certain acts, by certain kinds of Muslims. Let's face it, even moderates so called find the acts of radical/extremists so called, justifiable when it comes to the response to things like homosexuality, women and so forth. So what is the difference between a moderate Muslim and a radical Muslim? The former only thinks certain things are justifiable, but wouldn't do it themselves, the radical Muslim wouldn't only think certain things are justifiable, but also carry them out, and that' not mentioning non secular Muslim countries, including so called moderate ones, if there is such a thing, who would as a State enacted thing carry out radical actions like throwing homosexuals from the roofs of buildings, stone/beat a woman if she dare to drive, or go to school, and most of all dare to go out of her home without first putting on her hijab or burka as the case may be, to name just a few things.

When did the Satanism thing arrive on the scene? Post Christianity, that is to say once Christianity became 'safe', that is to say after it has been emasculated as it were. That is to say after it no longer served as a threat to the lives of heretics and all the rest that found themselves on the rack, or getting toasty at the stake and so forth and so on.

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neyamiko Mar 27 '17
I'm not a huge fan of abrahamic religions. It's probably fine to study them. IMO it's a waste of my precious brain cells. There are useful things I could study instead. Just my thoughts though

Other wise Islam, Christianity and Judaism are pretty much viewed the same way to me. Dangerous and obsolete.
tony Mar 27 '17
The real islmaic problem is: history is controvertial.

What we have learned in many places is the winner's history, told by europeans. The real fact that happen in our history is: the true terrorist were the europeans.

And I am not telling that to be mean, but this is true. The europeans went to many places, killed many people, subjugated many cultures, exterminate, robbed, raped. We firt have to face that. 

In many Europe ex-colonies, like algeria, Morrocos, Egypt, Tunysia, and many others slamic countries, the europeans went there, done what they wanted to, let european descendants as the elite of that countries and many of those countries has to deal with climate and vegetation problems, so they are not really able to restart another history.

This not justifies many things, but we need to be impartial. When USA and Europe go to those contries and start to bomb, no one say it is terrorism. So, come on? What the fuck?

Religion is only a tool media uses to demonize that people who suffer over centuries to be alive and with the predjudice.

But don't expect all that happened in the past and still continues to happen is going to stay without retaiation.

tony Mar 29 '17

Quote from Zoramonkey Yea history was bloody and cruel. I just wish people would concentrate on the present or the future.
But this is the problem, when the present is a reflex of the past. Only the countries that has some natural richness could rewrite another caption on their ecomony. 
Chiron Sep 11 '17
Na. Religious fundamentalist are the bread and butter of Satan! Read The Screwtape Letters. Fundamentalists are better Satanist than Satanists! Their problem is one of self-loathing. THATS what they need to be liberated from.
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Chiron Sep 12 '17
Well, this sounds sarcastic and I suppose it is, but I think 'fundamentalists' by definition, right, left, center, are just stupid. To be a fundamentalist is essentially to ignore the tradition (history) of your faith, and to adhere to the 'fundamentals', as preached by the local schtickmeister. For example, christian fundamentalists ignore the 'history, tradition', of their faith, and just stick to the 'fundamentalists' as they read it. The problem is that unless you read ancient Greek, you never read the bible. You read a translation of it. Same with any faith. So if you stick to the 'fundamentals' of a scripture, when you cannot even read the damn thing... well, that my friend, is a fucking idiot.  
Chiron Sep 12 '17
LOL, No I was saying that what I was about to say, my post, may come off as 

sarcastic.  I tend to think of the average 'fundamentalist' christian as not very bright. I have several in my family and they are the meanest, pettiest pieces of shit you will ever meet. So I was saying, satan would love them! That was the sarcasm.

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