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Troll Aug 5 '14

Assalam alaykum,

Trolls are monsters. Satanists are monsters. Witches are monsters.

Towelheads are aliens wearing things we don't understand. Further, they are people obviously doing something wrong with an implement we know how to use properly. They wear a piece of fabric on their heads that is supposed to be for absorbing moisture.

Trolls are menacing. They mean us no benefit or good. When humans mimic them they are either putting out bait meant to snare us in tar-babies or are ogres with an aggressive streak bent on wasting our time showing us how easy we are to derail with offensive gibberish.

Towelheads are menacing. They intend to strap on bombs and dive into crowds of innocent people, like those bomb-throwing anarchists, and cause havoc, mayhem (like the band's name) and generally have no regard for civilized society or intelligent problem-solving. Their motivations are opaque or completely deluded (perhaps the towels are strapped on too tightly) as they believe that in some afterlife, if they die as a cowardly bomb-exploding assassin, they will be provided 20 whoris (hot chicks they can fuck forever in a young man's paradise).

Where do trolls come from? They come from some alien northern country where they believe in stupid yeti monsters. Where do towelheads come from? They come from some alien middle-eastern country where they believe in stupid fantasy afterlives. What motivates trolls? They want to waste our time and upset us, alarm or confuse us with false fronts and sophistry. What motivates towelheads? They are subversive ingrates, ignorant and seeking to disrupt our advanced knowledge and civilized values.

What would the combination possibly mean? A towelhead troll would be someone who is dressing like a menace in order to fuck things up. They would be a total waste of time. They are deluded into thinking that some black cube somewhere deserves their worship, or they are faking a belief in Allah and adherence to the religion of Islam in order to tug on fears about people who have been scammed by the propaganda of 'anti-tearists' into condemning towelheads or becoming enraged at their ability to operate without censure. Why would anyone seek to be known as such? Surely only someone with a stupid martyrdom complex or who is stirring up trouble would bother.


MatthewJ1 Aug 5 '14
Welcome Troll, you have been gone far too long. Very pleased to see you here.
Troll Member
Troll Aug 5 '14
Thank you kindly, Matthew.
VenusSatanas Aug 6 '14
Hey greetings!!!! im glad to see you here Troll Towelhead
Troll Member
Troll Oct 18 '15
I had to run the gauntlet but i have returned fully. The Facebook distraction took a bit longer than expected. I composed a blog posting of its entirety.
Zach Black Owner
Zach Black Oct 19 '15

Quote from troll I had to run the gauntlet but i have returned fully. The Facebook distraction took a bit longer than expected. I composed a blog posting of its entirety.
You are one Troll that is always welcome here. 
Troll Member
Troll Oct 19 '15
Thank you kindly.
Berardo Rodriguez Member
Berardo Rodriguez Oct 19 '15
Allaykum assalam troll ,  get warm in the heat of the black flame of Shaitan and enjoy the tongues of fire coming out of Iblis that you will find in this site.
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