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Icecold99 Jun 21 '15
What are your favorite movies about the devil/demons?  I'm looking for some movies I haven't seen yet so if you have the same favorite movies as me try to add to the list.  
(in no particular order)
1. The 9th Gate
2. The Devil's Advocate
3. The Omen movies
4. Fallen
5. Satanis
6. Speak of the Devil
Zach Black Owner
Zach Black Aug 12 '15
The Devils Rain and the Devils Advocate are on the top of my list.
Devils rain feature Will Shatner, Travolta, Borgnine and Anton Lavey

The devils rain.

The devils advocate

MatthewJ1 Aug 12 '15

The most interesting film I have seen, which features Satan is The Masque of the Red Death.


This film was directed by Roger Corman and starred Vincent Price, who always plays these diabolic characters well. I bough my copy on Amazon - it is a Midnite Movie.




There are other films which are good - the films of Robert Fuest, the director who knew LaVey and made Devils Rain and the Phibes films.


Many of the films I like don't reference Satan so directly, but "Satan" forms a sort of background, as in film noir scenery, or is presenced by haunted geometry, angles and the trapezoid, as in German Expressionist film of the 1920's etc. 

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In Nomine Dei Nostri Satanas 666
My favorite movie about The Devil / Demons is Satanis : The Devil's Mass. Directed by Ray Laurent, starred : Anton LaVey.

Margaret96 Oct 26 '15
The movie called Seance. It was an interesting piece with a disappointment of an ending
Hartnell Oct 26 '15
The Gate. Lots of cheese about the Satanic Panic era.
ShadowLover Member
ShadowLover Oct 26 '15
I like movies based on true life possessions and exorcisms, but of course I realise these accounts are described by prejudiced witnesses and subject to their own beliefs/interpretations.

The Conjuring
An American Haunting
A Haunting in Conneticut
I also loved the series "A Haunting" on Discovery.

I am kind of sensitive and as a result have a bit of an obsession with haunted houses/people/objects. I am always looking to find more to investigate, but they are actually quite hard to find. My friends and I have a loose plan to visit an abandoned insane asylum in the next couple of weeks. I bought an EMF reader about a year ago and I'm damned if I can find a fucking ghost with it - it went off a couple of times and I got all excited only to look up and realise I was standing under power lines. D'oh!

G.B. Nov 1 '15
i really enjoyed "faust" from friedrich wilhelm murnau for the nice scenery and atmosphere.

i also liked the movie "original sins" from howard berger. it´s quite funny how those metal heads summon satan so they can sell their souls to him to become famous musicians. satan is extremely upset with them cos he has no interest in buying souls.

i got constantine lying on my table, haven´t gotten around to watching it yet.

hellraiser of course and devils advocate.
Millsy Member
Millsy Nov 23 '15
I'm obsessed with Baguul from Sinister....love him.
Heh Nov 23 '15
'The Wish Master' with Andrew Divoff- it's about a Djinn who grants three wishes, but with unseen consequences. The first two are the only good ones in my opinion, but the first takes the reigns.

'Apparition' is mini-series about an exorcist and his fight with demons. It's a nice dark series.

'Antichrist' with Willam Defoe is mentally and physically brutal.

'The Prophecy' movie series is good, although it's more about angels, it does get into some devlish bits.

'The Pick of Destiny' with Jack Black. Of course.

'Nights of Badassdom.'

'Little Nicky' with Adam Sandler. Classic.

JicNikk Member
JicNikk Dec 2 '15
1.  9th gate.. because I want that Damn library for myself.

2.  Evil Dead (all films) even though the Necronomicon honestly speaks more to ancient astral demons that have outlived Satan himself, I like to think in these films, Satan used the book for his own twisted means after conquering the ancients.  

3.  Jacob's Ladder.. you know a movie left it's Mark when the creator of Silent Hill admits he pulled inspiration from this gem.  

4.  Event Horizon.. cause.. well it's a guilty pleasure.. I mean.. a wormhole transports a ship to Hell and back..it's not a great movie but I still enjoy it.

5.  Insidious..  speaks for itself.

Icecold99 Dec 3 '15
Has anyone seen The House of the Devil?  Thatsa recent movie about a babysitter that gets abducted by a Satanic cult. 
MisterOwl Dec 17 '15
I'm going to have to go with the work of comedic art that is Little Nicky. (Yes, yes, I know a lot of people think it's a stupid movie, but I've got a pretty goofy sense of humor.)
ShadowLover Member
ShadowLover Dec 18 '15
Well, if we are going for comedies, Bride of Chucky kind of had a Demon Seed in there somewhere... LOL - loved this movie!

mrgiggles Mar 7 '16
The Devils, 


The Nun and the Devil, 

As Above So Below, 

The 9th Configuration, 

Mr. Frost, 

The Devil Rides Out,

Exorcist: The Beginning. 

Those have to be my top favorite to date.  

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