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tgmondalf Jul 9 '15
My girlfriend just started making these and set up her shop for anyone interested in checking out her designs.

She also just set up a FaceBook page for these at

She is also doing custom orders.  I had her make a Vampire Rosary for me and I'm going to have Kali based one made as well to go with the Satanic and Lucifer ones I already have planned as well.  

I'd love to know what you think of the designs.  When I first saw what she was coming up with I totally loved them and have been converting my old sigils into rosaries!!

Owner/Admin Jul 10 '15
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natasInferno Sep 10 '15
Awesome stuff their man. She does great work. Its nice to see that she uses Xerxes' ( pendants. Love his work, and its nice to his stuff incorporated into her artwork.
tgmondalf Oct 27 '15
Yes, thank you  - we love Sigil Of Baphomet - Xerxes is awesome!
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