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Kat Chapter Head
Kat Jul 13 '15

Hello Everyone,

I'm very happy to have found this site, after hideous amounts of searching of the internet, I can finally be more in touch with others of similar views. Really looking forward to chatting to you all.


MatthewJ1 Jul 13 '15
Welcome. What sort of views do you hold?
Kat Chapter Head
Kat Jul 13 '15
I'm not sure how you'd title it, I believe that Satan, Lucifer, Belial and Leviathan are the four elements to every living thing and parts of the human mind. By recognising them we become stronger and better people. The four crowned princes of hell are living strongly and happily in every Satanist, depending on the type of Satanist, depends on which force is greater in that person. What about yourself?
MatthewJ1 Jul 14 '15

Thanks for answering. I like the notion of Leviathan as the beast beneath the surface i.e. the unconscious. I also have an attraction to Belial as substance and maybe Lucifer as consciousness. What sort of crowned prince influences your life to the greatest extent? 

I'm not exactly sure how to adequately characterise my views, except to say I am interested in alterity, Heraclitean flux and becoming, the history of being as opposed to the metaphysics of presence. I am also interested in the relationship of forces.

I think my views are formed more by art and culture, than science. 

Kat Chapter Head
Kat Jul 14 '15

Well the whole point of being on here is to meet more like minded people and to discuss our views. I feel most influenced by Satan and Lucifer. I find strength and passion with Satan and I would agree consciousness is the best way to describe Lucifer, as though most humans are working off of instinct entirely and only with true enlightenment can you actually gain consciousness.

Art and culture beautifully describe the feeling of a time and people/person. If you compare it to traveling, understanding art and culture from different periods and nations is more so important as it can show you the world from so may new perspectives and you can follow historically how things changed.

NZ_Mike Jul 14 '15
Welcome Kat

Im new here too but have found the live chat to be a really cool place to hang with people with similar views and ideas

Kat Chapter Head
Kat Jul 14 '15
Thanks Mike, hopefully catch you on there some time.
Brazy Member
Brazy Jul 14 '15
Welcome kat
FraterM Jul 15 '15

welcome!! Praised be SATAN! Glory to LUCIFER!!

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