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Beavery Aug 14 '15

Hello all, my name is Beavery, not really but I have too much to lose to use my real name. I discovered Satanism nine years ago (coincidence) and the SIN network about a week ago. I joined the COS about 7 years ago just to pay respect though I've never seen the need for active involvement within the group. Until recently I was able to find like minded people to hang out with on my own, but I recently accepted a position in upstate SC because the company I am now working for offered me a good signing bonus, a significant pay raise, and a decent office. Starting to regret it though because everyone here just loves the shit out of old whistle palms. People don't know how to drive in a civil manner and the education system here is not the best so most of the people aren't super bright, though I work with people who are. (Despite their superstitions.)

I am a math person, I enjoy solving problems, mocking popular religions, the outdoors and the continuous jokes which play in my mind that few seem to get so I usually keep them to myself.

Hope to get to know some of the locals and meet some friends here at SIN and if I can meet some local friends the would be awesome.

Zach Black Owner
Zach Black Aug 14 '15
Welcome Beavery, There are certainly like minded folks in SC. I would check the meetups for a SC group. If there is no SC meetup you can make one.
Beavery Aug 15 '15
Thanks Mr. Black, I'll look into it. This is a nice site you've setup.
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