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Owner/Admin Aug 18 '15

Okay official Satanic International Network Medallions are in. They are 1.75 inches in diameter. Gold plated steel. Slightly dome shaped front. slight square cutout on the back to place a name or number. Only 50 of these made. and only 35-40 for sale..... ever. Limited edition.

High quality. We do not sell junk. If I would not buy it for what I am asking I would not expect you either. Money back if you are unhappy within 30 days from when it is shipped. Contact me in private if interested.

Price - 20 dollars. Add 3 dollars for shipping in USA and 5 dollars shipping outside USA. I do like to barter. If you got something you think I might be interested in let me know. Thank you NYC Head Bronx Saviour.

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