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Padowan Sep 19 '15
I pose a question.

Where are the women chaos magicians? Where are the women of greater consciousness? Out of the all the reading material posted here and recommended occult material I've yet to find a woman author of great intellect, awareness and creativity.

Where are the women writing books in these fields: Psychnaut, chaos magick, consciousness, Satanism (1 known) , LHP, occultism.
Even female philosophers are rare. Women of strength of mind, skill of wit, grace of logic, rhetorical depth and rapid fire precision of argument.

Does anyone know of any?
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Andy Mohr
Andy Mohr Sep 19 '15
I have a theory about it. The majority of studies in occultism(not necessarily only LHP) were born in environments that have been very influenced by ceremonial magic tradition. This tradition have been developed mostly in secret societies that had an structure similar to the old gentlemen clubs and the Freemasonry. These groups were not so accessible to women as they were to men.

The exception that can be cited is Wicca(that is not LHP), that have a female-centered culture and really attracts more women than men.

OK, I know it's not the answer to the question......hehehe, just a reflection about the theme.

Shawn Sep 19 '15
@Padowan: That's a bit vague but I think he's onto something there.

@Andy Mohr: Much thanks. Hella insightful.

Padowan Sep 19 '15
It may not be an answer but it's a start.

It seems we've had enough decades pass since gentlemen's clubs and enough occult knowledge available that one or two women might have taken an interest. I'm especially surprised by how few women enter the arena of awareness and consciousness.
Philosophy and Psychology seem to attract more women than the other fields. Am I to believe women of intellect are more inclined to 'practical' subjects?
Or the opposite; women of consciousness are drawn to spiritual or religion (Wicca)?

It really has no bearing on knowledge whether it originates in a male or female mind. The gap in female contributions compared to males is difficult to dismiss though. This could explain, partly, why there is a disparity in male Satanists to female.
We have yet to see someone blaze the trail.
Or put her head on the chopping block.
Shawn Sep 19 '15
@Padowan: Something just occurred to me. What kind of response do you think such a woman would get from men when she started contributing ?
Padowan Sep 19 '15
Eccentric is the first description that comes to mind.

Although I've been known to be wrong in matters of men's perceptions.

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