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sororsrca Sep 28 '15

Quote from Magus_Lutz

Great sources! if you have trouble following the links, drop the "s" from the URL http

here are some others which might be useful:

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Zach Black Owner
Zach Black Sep 28 '15
Yeah that reminds me. If you got nothing to contribute you could help build our PDF library.
Twstdpsycho Member
Twstdpsycho Jul 15 '16

I have 450 mb of occult PDF including Crowleys entire works. Haven't worked out how to upload them yet so may drop them on a cloud drive and send you the link lol

Ludwik Chapter Head
Ludwik Jul 15 '16
Only just discovered this right now, Thanks Shane for starting this trend. The Occult is a big aspect of the Left Hand Path and we need to keep the black flame ignited.
Anna Jul 15 '16
Is this a safe site? The links look fishy, go through keywordblocks.
Twstdpsycho Member
Twstdpsycho Jul 15 '16
I have just got home Anna let me run some tests on it and ill get back to you.
Twstdpsycho Member
Twstdpsycho Jul 15 '16
Ok so the actual website is so the site isn't actually secure other than that and 128 various cookies (20 onsite +120 from other places) it seems safe enough but without reading through the coding of every single cookie I wouldnt like to gaurantee it. Just make sure you have malware/Spyware protection enabled and your antivirus and you should be fine.

Ok ffs everytime I remove the s from http it re-adds it lol. The site is not an https site regardless of its original routing.

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