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Owner/Admin Sep 29 '15
These medallions  1.75 inches in diameter. Gold plated solid stainless steel. High quality. They have a raised bubble center.

These are limited edition. I am sold out. But my partner/investor has about a dozen left. There was only 40 for sale to begin with. Once they are gone they are gone.

We are selling them for 20 bucks each + shipping and handling ( 3 bucks in the USA and 6 bucks overseas ). Get them while we still have them. These are one of a kind 1st edition. The next ones will look completely different.

Contact Zach Black or myself in a private message if you want one.

All profits will go to the upkeep of this network and to make more merchandise ( shirts, medallions, posters ect ) .

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Magus_Lutz Chapter Head
Magus_Lutz Sep 29 '15
I have one of these medallions myself and love it. It is pretty damn gorgeous. Wear it everyday to represent.. I would really recommend everyone try and get their hands on one.
Zach Black Owner
Zach Black Oct 6 '15
Bump. Any takers? Limited edition gold plated SIN medallions? Only 20 bucks?
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