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sonofject Member
sonofject Oct 1 '15
Here's a fun, informal social experiment for the newbs and adepts alike. Think of it as a social icebreaker and a way to quash some of the many preconceived notions about who a person is or seems to be, at least on here. 

It's simple. List 10 random things about yourself. They can be anything you wish as long as they are honest and true to who you are. They can be related to Satanism or the occult, or just some personal experiences, whatever you feel will 'flesh out' who you are aside from just words and pictures on a forum. Obviously, you need not list any private or sensitive details, and if you list things that aren't true about you, that's only to your own detriment. Randomness can be insightful, lying to yourself and to others is definitely not.

Have at it....
sonofject Member
sonofject Oct 1 '15
1) None of my body art is satanic.

2) I have turned my back on all organized forms of religion and all the bullshit that entails. My only 'god centered' ideologies revolve around the self and self-interest as a proactive, satanic based philosophy.

3) I'm a marijuana enthusiast. Strain hunting, growing, and plant cloning are all interests of mine beyond the hobbyist level.

4) The longest above-board job I've held lasted about 15 years working at a corporate level. Probably the only thing I took away from that experience was the profit to be made corrupting a system through arbitrage opportunities.

5) A good number of my mentors were hardcore cultists, particularly in the Amway business and Scientology.

6) In the early 80s, I used to live roughly a block and a half away from Anton LaVey's Black House in SF.

7) Live music is a huge part of my life. I went to a trade school to study the machinations of the business and industry side of music production. I also play bass guitar and have been in numerous music projects and bands.

8) I'm a voracious reader.

9) I'm enamored of pimp methodology and thug economics, although I don't live that lifestyle (anymore).

10) I'm fucken old school.  

Shawn Oct 1 '15

1. I once accidentally shut down an entire factory for a day using nothing but a black permanent marker. That wasn't my intention but looking back I can see I was really stupid not to think that would happen. And that's all I can say about that.

2. One year I was a de-facto member of the fire-dept responsible for a part of the local fireworks show. Our fireworks were mortars shot from a metal tube grounded in homemade box full of sand. One of our guys wound up completely destroying his box, launching his mortar tube in the air like a rocket, and nearly killing himself and losing a limb  by dropping in a mortar upside down. Well, the "mortar upside down" story is the official one -- nobody actually knows if it was that or if the charge was a dud and therefore it didn't launch or what.  At any rate, that officially ended my dept's direct involvement in the annual fireworks show.

3. One era of my life was dedicated to exploring the effect of traditional entheogens first hand. Heh, this all started after I read Heaven and Hell / Doors of Perception by Aldous Huxley. The kind of 'crystal mescaline' that Huxley experimented with wasn't available in the sticks so I consider this part of my life incomplete.

4. Another era was dedicated to a sort of religious tourism motivated by curiosity. I've done just about everything from trying to recruit for a new church face to face to babbling along with the Pentecostals. One thing you might not expect that I learned from the experience is that travelling preachers are armed to the fucking teeth.

5. Earlier than any of the above I started with my own naive psychological experiments. Stuff like hooking myself up to a GSR in various situations just to see how the signal varied (don't bother with this, it's a waste of time --- GSRs are really sloooHowever, there's this new Emotiv...) Another time I simulated blindness by using a wide strip of cloth and wadded up paper to cover my eyes.

6. I've gotten a short glimpse of the machine elves by accidentally overstimulating my vagus nerve. It was interesting. My blog about it is here: It's OK if you find parts of this funny as hell -- I did.

7. I purified houses and did and other superstition related things for people for a little while. I was thought of as the 'paranormal guy' but really acting as a sort of shaman or something. The only thing I've ever written about it is here: ;

8. Did the hoaxing thing for a bit. If you're a friend on Facebook you can check out the remnants of my faked ghost pictures in my photo gallery.

9. I've studied PUA for several years now and have been completely open about it with whoever my girlfriend at the time has been. As aweful as that has to sound, once they know why I'm into it and what certain PUAs like Eben Pagan are all about they're genuinely cool with it and offer a woman's perspective on it. I probably need to a write up of that but here's a video I made that will give you some idea. It's worth noting that not all PUAs are worthwhile in straight forward sense. Others, like the previously mentioned Eben Pagan are.

10. In addition to psychology (which is well known about me) I also study a bit here and there about stage magic, mentalism, NLP, hypnotism, etc. I've accidentally induced catalepsy (waxy flexibility) in willing subject (victim) and that changed things a bit for me. What I do is conversational hypnosis, and catalepsy belongs to the more traditional 'deep' hypnotic state. I accept now that's obviously where I'm headed with studying hypnosis so I'm going to start edumicating myself soon to get to that next level. Currently I'm rusty and my patter (not pattern) completely sucks.  I probably need to do a write up on that, too, but if you're interested, here's a bit about hypnosis I previously published here on SIN :

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Padowan Oct 2 '15
1. I speak science very well. My second languages are chemistry, biochemistry, biology, microbiology, epidemiology, pathology, mycology, phyto- sciences, soil science, and human metabolism.

2. Found out this year from a good friend I'm not a white girl. Turns out I am naturally tattooed with evidence of Mongolian heritage which is probably more directly related to my Native American great grandmother.

3. Aspiring writer of horror/suspense, practical science, and life improvement.

4. Apprentice of Magick.

5. Gifted in the ability to nurture fish, fowl, mammal, plant and insect life.

6. Lifelong fascination with mycological influences on biological systems.

7. Firearm hobbyist. Held my own in a competition against a group of good ole southern boys.

8. Lived on both oceans and upper and lowermost parts of the U.S. continent and outside the mainland as well.

9. Naturalist and amateur sketch artist. Desire to improve my skills in illustrations, oil painting, and clay pottery/sculpture.

10. Jane of all trades.
io Oct 2 '15
1: Fred Rogers is my hero.
2-9: Way less important stuff.
10: I opened this thread thinking it was about Mr. Rogers. Subsequently became sad, as evidenced by the following emoticon.

sonofject Member
sonofject Oct 3 '15
I'd never besmirch the good name of Fred Rogers. He's a hero to me too, mostly because he cuts to the chase by making the simplest of concepts profound ;)
Shawn Oct 4 '15
He's my neighbor. I didn't want to be his. And the cops won't do anything about it... the house was for sale, they say. Most days he sits on his porch on his old timey sweater swinging on his porch swing looking at me as if to say "I'm your neighbor now, motherfucker --- whatcha goin' do bout it?" 
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Padowan Oct 4 '15
Fred didn't know what he was getting into...
Shawn Oct 5 '15
Did I mention the guy is DEAD? That's a bit much, even for me. Maybe it's not the cops I should call...
Shawn Oct 5 '15
It's a living dead thread.... OK, someone else, step up :)
Beavery Oct 5 '15
Ok I'll play but only because I've had a few beers.

1.) According to the Meyers Briggs test my personality is represented by 3.3% of the population, is the most rational type, and is the type most likely to smoke too much weed and wonder off at a party.

2.) I have never really cared what others think to the point where it is detrimental sometimes. Unless it effects my ability to prosper I don't generally give a shit.

3.) I likes me some sticky bud.

4.) I'm here looking for mostly local friends. Since I screwed up and moved into the bible belt (Already planning my next move as soon as I don't have to pay back relocation expenses.) till then I'll make them all the money I can.

5.) I can't stand people not using their turn signals, I've even invented a special way to flip them off. I give them the finker.

6.) I like poetry.

7.) Before the internet I once thought I had came up with the closed form solution to the geometric series, After writing to a colleague my math teacher informed me someone had beat me to it. :(

8.) I have allot of patents.

9.) I haven't been laid in a year! However that will change in two weeks. ;) Seeing my special lady soon! ooh lah lah de dah...

10.) I wish more Satanists were friendly. I would say smart/evolved enough (whole IQ age adjustment thing...) to be friendly but that would be unfriendly...
Shawn Oct 5 '15
Points to beavery for stepping up. :)
Kat Chapter Head
Kat Oct 7 '15

Seems like a fun thread to comment on:

1. I am a ridiculously keen gardener, growing my own vegetables and fruits and making preserves and wines out of them in a huge passion of mine.

2. I am currently rebuilding my house - I bought an old Victorian town house that was wrecked and am renovating it extensively (only habitable about 3 weeks ago although I'm still showering by torch light).

3. I don't like labeling sexualities; I'd prefer society was more fluid about it and people did whoever and whatever they wanted in the bedroom without having to categorise it so extensively.

4. I hate televisions. I like films and documentaries, even the odd comedy, but I prefer to occasionally watch them on a projector (my poor partner had to fight tooth and nail to be allowed to have a 16" TV in the house, but it's in the corner covered up by books ;) ).

5. I think travelling is wasted on most people. Travelling is very fashionable at the moment and most people who do it, don't enrich their lives in anyway culturally or intellectually; they've just had a nice holiday.

6. I give a lot to charities I think are worth while and openly none to those which I don't. Many charities do not build sustainable solutions and hence are pointless to give to - they merely delay the problem by a day.

7. I love hunting, thought strongly believe if it is to be done, you should respect the animal and not act like a douche.

8. I don't eat pork - I think pigs are too intelligent to intensively farm.

9. I love baking but can't stand the taste of sweet things.

10. I do agree with Beavery re Satanists being friendly, too many Satanists are immediately outwardly aggressive for literally no reason.

Jorōgumo Oct 7 '15
1) I love keeping exotic pets, even though some can be more trouble than they're worth.
2) Identity politics bores me.
3) I've got an awesome Fender that I'm too lazy to play.
4) I've a soft spot for rabbits.
5) I love being Northern Irish, we have the worlds best sense of humour
6) My favourite drink is Jagermeister and Pepsi
7) I despise animal cruelty and blood sports
8) I'm dreading grs
9) I have a thing for swords
10) Dali and Giger are my favourite artists
ShadowLover Member
ShadowLover Oct 17 '15
1) I have a passion for writing. I like to have circumstances take my characters into very dark places and then watch them grow and rise out of it.

2) I am drawn to exorcism and want to learn more about this. I believe we are often haunted by self-created demons which can cause physical events in our lives or attack our bodies, and even remain in existence after we have passed, afterwards being drawn to compatible hosts. I have a fascination for energy in general.

3) I once haunted my own home. I was living in a negative situation and all sorts of paranormal activity was happening around me, although I didn't connect the two until I spoke to a practitioner after I moved out. I had thought it was a poltergeist of my teenage son but it turned out to be my own. Deadlocked doors would unlock, statues would turn around and face the wall, demonic voices would come out of a laptop that wasn't connected to the internet, words would appear on pages that you couldn't edit, rope marks appeared before our eyes around the ankles of a man that was upsetting me at the time, and heaps more stuff. At the same time street lamps would blow as I drove underneath them. I've always been aware that bad things happen to people that hurt me, and when I was younger and had more of a traditional belief system I used to pray for the strength not to accidentally curse people because I felt this came back to me as negative karma. Yep, energy definitely fascinates me.

4) I have a multi-faceted fascination for blood. Part of it being a fetish which came from me growing up in the country and witnessing and participating in the slaughter and dismemberment of many animals. I was actively involved with bdsm for many years and although I am naturally  more of a submissive, when it comes to blood I will happily top or bottom. When I feel a blade slice through my skin, or I slice a blade through another it is as though I can feel every single cell compress and pop against the sharp. I love to carve etchings in people and watch them bleed. I like to look for pulses. And if you let me cut your lip before I kiss you... Well, that is just the best! It's intimate and a beautiful way of sharing energy. Blood for me also goes beyond the fetish and again comes back to energy and energy sharing.

5) My blood fetish also results in a knife fetish. Fantasy knives and hunting knives, daggers, ancient swords etc.

6) My best subject in school was Maths. Despite my bubbly demeanor I am actually a very logical person. I have an interest in physics and how the laws of the universe affect hauntings and magic, although I haven't studied this science beyond the internet.

7) I'm very primal and view the world through very primal eyes. I think this also stems from growing up in the country and watching animals interact. When life thrust at me emergency situations I quickly resorted to the behaviours I saw in the animals to cope or survive. I believe the presence of male sweat will protect you from predators eg. a car salesman. I find being single exhausting because I have to be extra vigilant.

8) I used to put myself in a lot of dangerous situations with men. Some of them were bonafide narcissists and sociopaths - in fact it worked better for my needs if they were. It was like every mind F%#@ I survived better equipped me to be able to protect myself against predators and made me feel safer. I actually got very good at it and now when it comes to men and sex I have more confidence than a Bond girl, despite being overweight, shy and an anxious person in other ways. Can't half tell I was sexually abused. LOL. I seek safety in this world - I don't feel safe.

9)I am fascinated by all of the unforseen drivers that propel people. Anthropology, physics, psychology, theology, instinct. I'm also empathic and feel energy moving between people. Years ago I would get protective over people who were having their energy stolen by another individual. I eventually learned that most of the time neither party were aware what was going on and weren't consciously meaning for it to happen, and it was only me who was getting my knickers in a knot and stressing about it. I had to learn to "let it go."

10) I saw a psychologist several years ago and am happy to report that I am actually very sane and well-balanced. Trust me! I am just very self-aware and sometimes hyper-aware of my surroundings.
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