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Zach Black Owner
Zach Black Oct 6 '15
These Baphomet statues are 15x7 inches. They are made of high quality silcone / resin compound. High detailed. Typically they sold for 150 dollars. The manufacturer reduced them to 120 for quick sale a year ago. Well , now he is asking 100 dollars to clear out the last of them. 

I have seen similar ones that are smaller and of a lesser quality sell for 50-80 dollars on the low end. But, as I said they are smaller and of a lesser quality. The ones I can get are well worth the 100 dollars. 

I was told he has less than a dozen of the black/green ones. And that he has five of the bronze coated ones. The price on the bronze I am unsure of. Or even if he is discounting them. I can find out if someone is interested. 

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