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Zach Black Oct 10 '15
Although not a exact science. It is based on science. I would fall into the one or two O'Clock area. Where do you see yourself?

This is a addition LaVey added to an already established science. Although not a popular one. Basically this is a belief that ones character can largely be determined by their physical attributes. LaVey used this as a foundation for lesser magic.

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Padowan Oct 10 '15

Can you post the book to the Library? I've lost access to a previous online copy.

I cannot remember all of the criteria to determine your hour, but based on the picture alone I fall between 12 and 1, partly. I don't have proportionately short legs.

But like all personality 'tests' this falls short of all the facets that make up a person. Where the clock might be close in labeling me aggressive, as other tests have, I am by no means masculine. You can only generalize a person.

My favorite take away from the clock was the idea that attraction could fall along a predictable pattern.

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Zach Black Owner
Zach Black Oct 11 '15
Pretty sure it is already in the library.
Shawn Oct 11 '15
For shits and giggles: 

Where would Scooby and the gang be on this clock?


George Bush?

Which place would make the best pirate? And which for neejah?

Padowan Oct 11 '15
I found it. I had not opened the Anton LaVey tab.
Thetruthisrare666 Jan 2 '19
The book is the Satanic witch by Lavey. This personality synthesizer is actually very accurate. For more sources on this, you might want to look at the polarity attraction between two people. The attraction between people who share polarity is covered in the Satanic Witch. As well as a excellent person that covers it, is Tony Robbins. Polarity is quiet real and I have experienced it in my romantic life. The attraction that is felt for a man, is you feel that the female is completely vulnerable to you and see's you as a father figure. 

As for how the female feels, I do not know. 

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