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Zach Black Owner
Zach Black Oct 19 '15
The new shirts are just about in. They have been redesigned, but are still being printed on the same high quality shirt. This batch I am printing 50. We will be printing more in the future but I can not promise they will look the same. This is what they basically will look like. All will be printed on black shirts. Mens shirts are offered in crew neck and V neck. Womens shirts are V neck, tapered sleeves and fitted. 

This image will be on the front left breast about 3 - 3 1/2 inch diameter.

Symbol of Brimestone. Also called the satanic cross or Leviathan cross. Ancient alchemy symbol for sulfur. Made popular by Anton LaVey . It is featured in the satanic bible above the nine satanic statements. 

This image will be on the back full size back piece .

Logo for Satanic International Network. The inverted pentagram is a unique design made by yours truly Zach Black. He who sports this magical symbol will have great luck with the ladies.. 

of this one on back

Which one it will be depends on the printer. I will know soon. 

So here is a really shitty idea of what they will look like, minus the obvious contrasting errors ///you get the point .

Front - 


The shirts will sell for 20 -25 dollars ( I will know soon which one ) plus shipping which is 3 dollars in the USA. Out of the country varies. More than likely they will sell for 20 . 

I have in Men size Medium to XXL. I can get larger but I need to special order those so you need to let me know ASAP. Like with in a day or two. 

Women sizes small to large. VERY few women shirts. I think I have on order two of each size. If I get pre-orders in the next couple days for ladies shirts I can order more. 

I am taking pre-orders. Not because I need the money to get the shirts. I have the money to buy the shirts. I am taking pre-orders because last time with the old shirts we sold out 40 of them in 2-3 weeks. Feel lucky if you have one of the old shirts. Only 50 of them made and will ever be made. Same might hold true for these new ones. 

Private message me on SIN if you want one. Or you can email me at .You can use the donation button to pay. 

Thank you Johnny Watts and Micheal Sartin for help with the images. 

Again taking pre-orders. I expect to have the shirts before Halloween. And I know we will sell out. 

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