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Luciferi Baphomet
Luciferi Baphomet Nov 1 '15
Hi guys, I have been a Theistic Satanist for almost 2 years. I follow the path of Lucifer and Lilith. I am a Priestess and a Witch.
Back in September 5th, 2012 when I was 18 Lucifer introduced himself to me when I was an Atheist. I was an Atheist from 2009 to 2012. Back when I was a Christian I didn't know anything about Lucifer nor about Satanism. My mom is a Christian, she wanted to keep me from knowing about Lucifer and about Satanism. She basically only wanted me to believe that Christianity only existed. After so many years of believing in god I then started to have doubts about god. The same year in December 2012 Lucifer wanted me to convert to Christianity to learn the real truth what he wanted to know that god is evil and only wants control. In December 5th, 2013 I came back to Satanism.
I've learned that Lucifer teaches us to learn from experience. He wants to teach us the truth. He is the light and the truth.

I have my own website that I talk about Satanism. If you are interesting please visit it. http://swos666.wix.com/believersofsatan

Zach Black Owner
Zach Black Nov 2 '15
Interesting. My impression is that you lost your faith in a Christian God and replaced it with another Christian mythical figure Lucifer. It seems you are still working with in the box . Just my impression. Either way I hope you find joy here. 
Berardo Rodriguez Member
Berardo Rodriguez Nov 2 '15
Daughter of Lucifer,  you are welcome here.  Here you will find a lot of people who are free from the mental slavery of the Abrahamic religions,  my daughter, put the burden of any god aside, you have to evolve to become  Lucifer,  then you will not be afraid of any other god invented by any other person less wise than you are. Next time you meet Lucifer or Satan make it your own slave and servant, it's because God,  Lucifer,  Satan,  Samael , Shaitan,  Iblis,  etc. makes slaves and servants out of those who are afraid of that legend,  but at the very moment  you say " boooo " to any of those invented gods,  you will be free and you will laugh of those  legends  ( with respect of course ) ,  you will realize that you were inventing your own personal god and you  were afraid of your own shadow. You are welcome anytime. 
Split666 Nov 4 '15
Thank U for the link and information. I also followed the link to Theistic Satanism on your homepage to learn more about it.
I had a lot of questions about Theistic Satanism. If some questions will remain after I read everything on that homepage I hope I can talk to U about it.
Anna Nov 4 '15
So on your website, you write you want to teach people about Satanism and set then free from slavery and bondage of God. What makes you different from proselytizing Christians who go door to door preaching about Jesus and wanting to save people from the bondage of Satan?
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