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jason Nov 5 '15
A lot of us may know of a few bands that we think don't get near as much credit as they should. Here, you can recommend artists that most probably never heard of. I want some new music.
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I blew my brains out with a shotgun like Per Ohlin

I know a lot of obscure metal, especially extreme stuff. No slipknot or other weekend warrior junk to be found here:

Infester (cult classic in underground death metal)

Esoteric (classic UK psychedelic funeral doom)

Blasphemy (their first album is my profile picture)




Impaled Nazarene

Vital Remains

RipperRamone Nov 2 '17
Mutant Scum needs way more attention. They've only released one album, but the whole thing kicks ass.

Pentagram Home Video. Highly recommeded.

Slutty Hearts

Sweeping Exits



Ten Ton Slug

The Submissives

Black Funeral

Maxo Kream


Botswana Death Metal bands: Wrust, Overthrust andFunera

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