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ShadowLover Member
ShadowLover Nov 28 '15
I plan on releasing my bigger title early next year, so in the last six months I have just been writing little erotic short stories (supernatural smut) to hopefully build a small fan base. This is the first stuff I ever published, so if you choose to read it you will hopefully notice the quality slowly improve with each book.

Anyway, "The Bell Creek Wolf - The Complete Series" is FREE for the next few days if anyone wants to grab it. It's probably more geared to women than men... Because I am a woman! But I have had a male fan tell me he loved it. I've had a few good reviews on some of my stories and one very bad review - everything about my books offended her which I think is awesome. In saying that, if anyone does decide to read any of my stuff, I would definitely appreciate it if you could take the time to leave me a quick review.


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Millsy Member
Millsy Dec 5 '15
that is so freaking cool!  can I read it for free on my kindle app?  I've always wanted to write erotic stories on literotica!!
ShadowLover Member
ShadowLover Dec 5 '15
Millsy, it's not free anymore - it was only free for 5 days. I can't make it free again for a few months, LOL.

I haven't heard of Literotica... Wait... Googling... Ahh! I see! Cool!

If you like writing, you should! If you publish on Amazon you can even make a few dollars...
JicNikk Member
JicNikk Jan 5 '16
When you say a few dollars..

Are we talking beer money?.. Car payment?  

I have a writing knack, but never followed through with publishing.

ShadowLover Member
ShadowLover Jan 5 '16
At the moment - beer money... So long as you don't rink too much. ,,,More like bread and milk money. Lol! But am working my way up to beer money. eg. If I sell a Kindle for 2.99USD I might make a dollar. But the Aussie dollar sucks at the moment so it might be $1.40 over here.

But! Gotta start somewhere... : )

So far I've only posted erotic short stories under one pen name and a couple of contemporary romances under another. I enjoy writing the erotica, but it has a purpose - it is my way of building a small fan base but even moreso - nutting out the industry so when I release some bigger works this year I have  half an idea of what the hell I am doing.

But if you have any questions on self-publishing on Amazon I might be able to answer them for you.

JicNikk - Your stories are no good to you just sitting on your computer. Publish them!
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