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Guess who
Guess who Dec 6 '15
Shit, it's been a while. I made this account back in 2014 I believe, while I was still a satanist, but eventually became rather unconvinced (and perhaps bored) of satanism as an ideology and saw no further reason to come here. It just wasn't philosophically cogent; arguments for the fundamental tenets of satanism (particularly LaVeyan satanism) are simple and incomplete, dare I say require some level of naïveté to believe (granted, less than conventional religious belief). I won't write detailed arguments here, but in short: satanism as an ideological philosophy is flawed, pessimistic rather than realistic, excessively rebellious (I.e, for its own sake rather than any good reason applied to a specific scenario), and lacking in compassion and direction due to misconceptions about biology. Sometimes it can even be contradictory, particularly in the way that it (LaVeyan satanism, at least) tends to promote the recognition of subjectivity and individuality while also advocating for the universalization of certain ideals held by the hierarchy. "You're not an individualist unless you're like me" is the mentality of someone who can't decide whether to give advice or influence people.

That said, satanism can still be salvaged as a vaguely defined individualistic lifestyle as well as a subculture. That is, a general label for people who reject common social norms or laws and determine the meaning of their own lives as well as their values. Also, the psychological power of symbolism, especially when connected to a certain type of identity, is undeniable and something most atheists or iconoclasts in general tend to miss out on. It's for these reasons that I'm giving this site another shot, as well as the fact that I still struggle (albeit less) with self-esteem, mood, and the like...which I expect the people here have valuable insights about.

I look at my activity here a year or so ago and giggle a bit. I was a pompous pedant back then and will try not to be so annoying now, my pretentious writing style aside. Arrogant affectless satanists trying too hard to live up to the stature of the being they identify with are no fun, are they?

I won't call myself a satanist because it's too definite for the extremely indefinite form of iconoclasm I now practice and strive for, but you people will likely be like minded enough nonetheless. I hope my continued presence here will be enjoyable (for me, fuck you, as the satanists say).

With the highest degree of mock-reverence


Note: You don't want to know how long it took me to type such a short post. Alas, quality assurance is guaranteed.

Another note: editing this is a fuckin nightmare
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ShadowLover Member
ShadowLover Dec 6 '15
Hi Cameron! What are the symptoms of your low self-esteem? How does it affect your decision making and your reactions to other people and situations?

Hartnell Dec 7 '15
"With the help highest degree of mock-reverece"

I see someone's catching on. ;)
Millsy Member
Millsy Dec 9 '15
I like the rebelliousness associated with satanism.  I started reading LaVey's Satanic Bible but then got pulled away into 'Serial Killers: Methods and Madness of Monsters.'  I identify as an atheist and am interested in secular buddhism.  However I've always been intrigued by and in love with the occult.  

I like your essay Cameron.  I feel like my writing is stilted and immature because I don't write enough.  I isolate way too much.  Sometimes "low self esteem" is evident of someone who is actually very smart.  I forget where I heard this but "Oftentimes the people who are the least self assured are the most competent because they don't take their gifts for granted."    

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