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DEX Dec 22 '15
So are there any fellow vapers on here? I have been vaping for about 5 years and consider myself to be knowledgeable about most topics. Ive owned several mods and atomizers/tank configurations. I love trying new eliquid flavors and enjoy building custom coils and the like.
pyro Mar 3 '16
what ohm do you like to vape at?
Asmedious Mar 4 '16
I tried vaping when it first came out, using one of those ecig things that look like a regular cigarette.  It totally sucked, not enough vapor, and the batteries would die quick.  Also the juice was in something that looked like a cigarette filter that one had to buy.  

Recently when I ran out of regular cigarettes I bought a new set up, that looks a bit like a nebulizer.  

This one works much much better,  and I used it for several weeks,  but eventually went back to regular cigarettes.  It's a good standby though in case I run out again.

There seems to be a weird taste to the vaporizer that I can't quite put a finger on, that I can't quite get used to.

Also, with all the different flavors out there,   what I really wanted to find but couldn't,  was something that tasted like a cigarette.  I'm sure they are out there though, just have to look more.

One thing that I really liked about the contraption, was that I could use it while driving a company vehicle,  and non of my passengers could smell it when they got in, so the scent didn't linger I guess.

Also, while there were rules against smoking cigarettes, there wasn't one about using a vap.   I'm sure if I asked I would have been told that I'm not allowed to use it,   but of course I didn't ask.   As the saying goes, it's better to ask for forgiveness then permission.

pyro Mar 19 '17
With some people use e-cigs w/tobacco flavor tend to go back to using the real cigs so i tend to stray away from tobacco e-juice and stick with fruit,candy,savory,custard, and mint (mint only when i'm sick).   
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