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Revan Member
Revan Dec 31 '15
hello all, revan here, i've started a group on facebook called the brotherhood of darkness.. it is mainly for people who feel more comfortable and alive when it's dark outside.... i'm not starting a darkness worshiping cult, just curious to see what other people feel about the darkness... for me it is relaxing and calming and very medatative.. i can sit in the dark outside in the middle of the nite and feel renewed and re-energized.. i've been stopped by the cops numerous times due to taking walks in the middle of the nite. when i explain my affinity for the darkness they want to run my shit like im out doing illegal i would love to hear other peoples opinions on it
RevMel Member
RevMel Dec 31 '15
I'll take a look, and might join.
Revan Member
Revan Jan 2 '16

it would be nice to have some one that could contribute a thoughtful reply. everyone always asks me questions about it in person, but when I created the group online, all of a sudden no one wants to say anything

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