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Icecold99 Mar 20 '16
Has anyone here ever lived in Indianapolis?  When I first got here I planned to live here for a year.  It is a Northern city in terms of its physical location.  It's actually the 14th largest city in the US. There are quite a few pornographic video stores and strip clubs. I am getting concerned that I have accidentally moved in to a state that is similar to Mississippi or Alabama.  One thing I learned is that the KKK was started in Indiana.
Any thoughts on this?
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nihasa45 Mar 22 '16
I lived in Indy for 5 years. It sucks. 
Icecold99 Mar 24 '16
Me too I have been here about 9 months.  I want to move when my lease is up which is January of 2017.  In my experience, Indiana is a very religious state.  At the last place I worked it seemed like almost everyone went to church.  It's something of a theocracy here.  Also the KKK was started in Indiana. 

I've thought about moving to Europe or Canada-I'm not sure how long it takes to move to another country like that. 
johnnywatts Chapter Head
johnnywatts Mar 29 '16
Look up the Indiana meet-up group.
Hypatia Galt
Hypatia Galt Apr 1 '16
I live in indy. I've been looking for a meetup group
Icecold99 Apr 16 '16
I have not seen any Satanist meet-up groups in Indy.  I have seen some atheist meetup groups.  There is a Center for Free Inquiry downtown by the river. 
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