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ShadowLover May 27 '16
I'm doing a bit of research for a book I am writing (fiction) and have a question for practitioners...

Is prana the same thing as mana? 

Prana is life energy...

Od is individual soul/human energy...

Is mana the same as prana or is it something different? Internet is making it as clear as mud - I don't think some people writing stuff actually know.

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ShadowLover May 27 '16
Yep, the more I read the more fucked up I get... I'm thinking because its origins are in different cultures. Perhaps I should look at Prana separately to Mana and Od. 

So where Prana comes from, do you think they combine both types of energy and just whack it under the one heading? Or does Prana have sub-sections? 
Oh God there is... 5, 7, 8, 15 types of Prana. This is going to hurt my head... Fuck those Eastern pricks and their Pranayama Orgy. It's my Saturday!

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I am not sure, but this is great.

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ShadowLover Jun 10 '16
@Fallen... So in your own words, how would you describe to me the difference between Prana and Od?
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