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Personally, I'm not really a fan or impressed with his books, but to each his own. What are your thoughts?
Berardo Rodriguez Member
Berardo Rodriguez Jun 8 '16
To me, he is a brilliant mind and a excellent Luciferian. 
VenusSatanas Oct 31 '16
I wish he wouldn't "borrow" without citing his sources. We would like to know where he got his information, and why it is relevant. When a person doesn't cite, its easier to manipulate the information to make it fit the "facts" being presented. He may be afraid that if he cites his work, he won't be seen as so "brilliant" and excellent. This is far from the truth, as he would actually legitimize his work, making it more intellectual

However he is your typical occultist, liberally borrowing from various sources and telling his own version of what he practices. We can't expect the occult to be factual can we?
Happy Spider
Happy Spider Jan 17 '17
I guess the question I would ask is regarding the validity of what someone "receives." Every body here is probably familiar with the whole akashic record vault yada yada but how would you go about citing something like that? I suppose you just do it like Crowley or Moses. A god told me. 

(Someone like how I put Crowley up there with Moses?? Not a coincidence. They both liked Egyptian magic.)

gamerguy666 Jan 23 '17
Zoramonkey That was SO well said!! I couldn't possibly agree with you more, Thinking for yourself is EXACTLY what satanism is about and satan WOULD respect you for standing up for what you believe in and not taking shit from anyone even him.
Galeazzo62 Member
Galeazzo62 Nov 5 '17
In all honesty I'm too much in my early stages of Satanism to comment one way or the other.
I will say this though, whereas there are many here who are much more qualified to comment than I am at this moment in time, I have been able to learn things from his various Youtube videos, so for me there is something.
OK, what I have have learned is basic and to a lot of you it would seem irrelevant, but I fully intend to move on from the stage I am at now.
orange_juice Nov 5 '17
from what I've seen hes very cool. taking from the archetype of Lucifer to make a life philosophy and magic and stuff, good stuff.
AlexTheTerrible Mar 9 '20
Personally I think Mr. Fords work can be beneficial like any other persons work for someone who is new on the Path.
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Zach Black Owner
Zach Black Mar 10 '20
I have never read a book by Ford cover to cover but I have watch several of his YouTube videos and I think what he says is for the most part on point.
LCVXIII Mar 13 '20
...you'd think I might be into his stuff if you know me, but, my interpretaion, is he's just tryin' to do with "lucifer" and the associated ism, what LaVey did with satanism. In one regard, I get the endeavor and understand the motivations that might exist to do so, and for that, I'm like, "go 'head...do that shit..." , but then to incorporate notions of theism and magic for fux sake...

Not a fan, but I'd probably have a good conversation with em til my bullshit detector goes off...I remember, he used to pop into the chatroom every once in a while, back in 09-13. I did recall him claiming Luciferian, and having an opinion that was indifferent for the most part, as I wasn't impressed with anything that he ever said necessarily, and the suggestions of theism and magic I find to be depressingly lamentful. I didn't think he'd get the traction that he has, but it seems people will by the same bullshit as long as it's in a different wrapper...Philosophically speaking, fuck that dude. I find his "luciferianism" to be weak sauce...and I do like my sauce...

"However vast the darkness, we must provide our own light."

Uncle Stanley

darkravenus666 Feb 3 '21
I love his music as black funeral and his other projects. I've bought from Luciferian apothecara which is his store. 
darkravenus666 Feb 3 '21
I have not read his books yet so i dont have an opinion of them
Nick218 Chapter Head
Nick218 Feb 4 '21
His work doesn't interest me . I stay with older scolars and writers . 
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Devil Warship
Devil Warship Feb 6 '21
On the one hand, I give the guy tremendous credit from a Satanic perspective. It seems clear to me (though I could be wrong) that he is a self-made man. I've tried to read a few of his books and it seems to me that he is aiming higher than his current abilities. So, I see self-creation, I see ambition, I see Will and Manifestation. I see a man who has defined himself sufficiently that he is perhaps the most prominent contemporary name to come up whenever anyone searches Lucifer or Satanism, and he has not allowed his own limitations or any insecurities stop him from publishing a rather large body of LHP work as well as an LHP-oriented small business. So, I tip my hat to him on that front and I see success when I look at him. 

On the other hand, despite the fact that I am a voracious reader and avid bibliophile, I have not been able to finish any of the three books of his I've attempted to read. I think he needs to spend some time focusing on learning how to structure his ideas and his writing so that the information in his books flows naturally for the reader and so that idea builds upon idea. In addition, as regards his use of the English language, his reach sometimes exceeds his grasp and that's a major pet peeve of mine. Ymmv. 

I also think that his need for "boiling cauldrons of pus in the infernal sufferings of Hell" Halloween imagery sometimes gets in the way of being able to take him seriously. I get why that stuff is there, and my background is Catholic enough that the blasphemy still tickles my sense of the naughty (which I love), but it gets in the way of my being able to take his ideas more seriously. 

In the end, I find myself continuing to buy his books because I keep hoping that they will end up being better than they are. And I'll admit that I keep a copy of his Bible of the Adversary in part because it very effectively checks all of the boxes of my periodic need for shock and blasphemy. But I've never been able to actually read the entire thing. 

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Scoeri Feb 12 '21
I am new to Satanism  and bought his book Apotheosis. I'm in the process of reading it now. I'm still learning and will soak up whatever I get my hands on right now. Later, once I become more experienced in this path, I will take the good points and throw away the garbage bullshit stuff.
Zakkary Dec 17 '21
In my personal experience with Michael I have found him to be a genuine and nice guy. I believe he is serious about what he does and is an avid seeker of knowledge and experience. I admire his effort and work and would recommend anyone to utilise his resources. 
Zach Black Owner
Zach Black Dec 17 '21
I can't say much about his work as I have yet to read anything by him. I have watched many of his YouTube videos and he is a well spoken guy. He seems intelligent and genuine. I have spoken with him s couple times and he is a nice enough guy.  Not sure why he buddied up with EA  dude though. Likely book selling partnership. 
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