Danniel Ford
Danniel Ford Sep 12 '16
I feel it is better to have 3 participants at least when conducting a 1st degree master ritual involving sex. You must have the 2 copulating and yourself saying the incantations and making the symbols at the cardinal points. Before you all do it you should all rehearse because it will really work best when climax is achieved when you invoke the spirit or Godform in to you. You should wear a black or purple or red robe and be completely naked underneath, with your erect sceptor exposed. You yourself must not ejaculate, pay close attention to the couple and they must be very strict and in control of their lust as they must both climax at the very height of the ceremony when you make the awaited symbol and invoke the God or spirit by name. Sexual energy is just as strong as blood and will work to give the spirit or Godform the vital life force it needs to temporarily possess you and empower you with its attributes. As soon as you feel it take possession of you make your wish and your will known out loud and direct it at the pentacle gate at the corresponding cardinal point with your wand or sword. Then, once this, the most important part of the ritual is complete you may stand there for a while in ecstasy allowing the spirit or Godform to also enjoy the miracle the magical union has just achieved. At the end do not cleanse/disspell the circle or the chamber, with sex magick you must always allow the energy and any other spirits the ceremony may have summoned to linger on this plane as long as they desire. They will only increase the potency of the operation and prolong its power. Eventually they all leave of their own volition anyway as the only thing that truly holds them and binds them is lust and sex. That is why it is highly advised that right after the operation is completed you join the copulating couple and or any other participants and all indulge in a frenzy of unbounded lust and sexual activity for as long as you can. This will also be your offering to the Godform or spirit for which it will undoubtedly be grateful and will seek to perform its service to the utmost. And the fruit of your labor need not at all be benevolent or of the amorous type, you can just as well use sexual energy to charge the spirit or Godform to bring punishment and destruction upon your enemies as well as make it make someone fall madly in love with you.
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