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Parcelvx Nov 7 '16
EJ Gold and his counterpart Claude Needham are one of the foremost game designers in the world. 

He has put together intelligent orbs that work much like the principles of 

scientology.  They balance your being at a kinesthetic level. 

I recommend Memory as some of the orbs can look absolutely identical. 

Memory has a flight simulator built in to it. 

I've played this game for hours. 

He is selling the orbs at a nominal price.  

He also has oracles.

He has all of Crowley's books. 

He's also a master of voodoo/hoodoo. 

He's also an electronic genius.  Makes electronic necklaces. 

The guy is a fucking genius. 

Don't take my word for it.. Check out the videos!!!


If you want to purchase for $5.99 

Here's the address: 



These games have caused me hours of enjoyment. 

I'm going to re-download them as I had a falling out with EJ Gold as I was not a satanist then.. and I couldn't respect him for his voodoo

practice.  I was afraid as a white-lighter would be. 

So I shunned him.  Thinking I was better. 

I AM not better. 

So I am re-downloading my free video games and making amends.

Again I'm telling you this.. because Memory, in particular has a flight simulator in it and it's fucking awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ciao Bene,


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