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Parcelvx Nov 7 '16
Did that get your attention?

I just posted a rant on the Luciferian Esoteric Research Network on FB because people were talking about the dangers of evocation.  What FUCKING dangers I asked. 

Judeo-Christian bullshit,  imprisionment of deities in fucking judeo-christian names or triangles, or brass bottles?  Who gives a fuck. 

Deities are your friends period. 

You treat them like a brother. 

There is no banishing necessary. 

There is little invocation necessary. 

A prayer.  A sigil.   A wish.   A Thank you.  

Hell,  the deity will give you a divination themselves and verify you were successful.   You don't even have to do a divination if you 

don't want to.

I'm going to repost my rant here.


David Brook What is all this crap!? Polarized bullshit on a Luciferian network? I thought you guys had some respect for Satan... Shit..... What the fuck is a matter with you. The Goddamn Judeo-Christian Demons were imprisioned; that is the only problem with evocation. What the Fuck is a matter with you. Go to joyofsatan.org and get a list of the 72 demons of the original goetia. All you have to do is put this into google: 72 demons joyofsatan.org and let your fingers do the walking.Joy of SatanThis site is about Satan, Lucifer, Devil, Spiritual Satanism, Satanism, Demons, Witchcraft, Magick, Spells and DivinationJOYOFSATAN.ORG|BY JOY OF SATAN MINISTRIESLike · Reply · Remove Preview · 7 hrs

David BrookDavid Brook Be a Fucking friend to the Demons that's all they ask. No fucking Triangle. No fucking Circle. No Fucking anything. Use your judgement. They are people like you and me. If you look at the nag hammadi codex (marvin maier) version and you look at the secret book of John you will find that the human body is made of angels and demons. It is Judeo-Christian bullshit that you cannot invoke demons..Like · Reply · 7 hrs

David BrookDavid Brook Now I would give you one caveat. There is one thing on joyofsatan that is unsavory. There is some nazii propoganda and anti-torah rituals.. Stay the Fuck away from that. Other than that... Read the stuff. Study the meditations and do the Fuck what you want when you want. If anybody tells you you can't do something tell them to Fuck the hell off.Like · Reply · 1 · 7 hrs

David BrookDavid Brook Now Justin, there is one other thing. You don't have to learn Western Ceremonial Magic, or Satanism. There is also Voodoo and Hoodoo. There are tons of spirits. You just have to decide which pantheon you want to learn from. In some respects, Crowley was an idiot.. But he did what he could do with what he had.. His poetry is way to Fucking long.Like · Reply · 7 hrs

Kira MonroeKira Monroe The good source would be magic book, however you must be mentally strong and know what you are doing exactly-because demons are not to toy around with!Like · Reply · 2 · 7 hrs

David BrookDavid Brook So.. You could learn from the veve, the orishas, whatever... But you can also learn from the higher spirits of the Kabbalah, like El Shaddai. The choices are limitless. The spirits will not only communicate with you, they will divininate for you to let you know that you got the right spirit and the right result. That is right.. They will let you know themselves without you even asking them.Like · Reply · 1 · 7 hrs

David BrookDavid Brook If you do not polarize yourself , that is to say, you are not a white-lighter than you do not have anything to worry about. The spirits want to help you as they have helped mankind for centuries.Like · Reply · 1 · 7 hrs

Parcelvx Member
Parcelvx Nov 7 '16
Now I apologize to you all.  Before I found this group I was a devote follower of joyofsatan.org.   So please bare with me while I readjust. 


Parcelvx (David)

neyamiko Mar 28 '17
yes people who use grimoires are engaging in spirit abuse. But I also don't think that circles can really protect you from a god.
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Aggy Jul 13 '17

Quote from Joshua Noctis 'Spirit abuse.'

MY sides are dying.
hmm i think they LIKE the abuse..
Magus_Lutz Chapter Head
Magus_Lutz Jul 17 '17
What is the purpose of this thread? Is there something I am missing? hmm Ok so you engaged in a pointless conversation with a child?? I really am confused here. I do like the sounds of spirit abuse though. Sounds like something new and sexy I want to be involved in. Who will let me abuse their spirit? 
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