S.I.N - Dallas Texas Chapter
A group for Satanists interested in networking and meetups in the Dallas, Texas area.
24 members
Georgia Satanists
The Devil went down to Georgia.....
20 members
Aussie Satanists
A group to meet up with other Aussie satanists
20 members
NYC /SIN Chapter
Satanic affiliations and comradery
19 members
S.I.N. San Francisco Bay Area, California Chapter
All SINners wishing to meet up, network, or share local events and hang out in your area please join. Users, please feel free to post any local events or ideal spots in your area to meet up and socialize. You can also link this group page to any facebook-related groups outside of this network hub. ...
18 members
Order of Wotan
Group discussing the Germanic traditions of the Left Hand Path.
18 members
Chaos/Atheistic Satanism
This group is for people who believe, study, practice, or follow the Philosophies and Ideologies of the Chaos Theory, and LaVeyan Satanism. Ave Satanas!
16 members
Republican Satanist
just as it says republican  love freedom, guns, bacon and hate SJW's and political correctness? Are you Team Satan?  if so WELCOME
16 members
Portland -Oregon
For those looking to hang out in the Portland area.
15 members
Connecticut/Mass Satanists
A group for CT/Mass satanists. Looking to organize meetups to philosophize about Satan, perform rituals, and just have fun.
14 members
Colorado Satanists
A place for Colorado to join forces, for Likeminds to be bewildered and befriended.
14 members
The pagan witches corner
a group to discuss pagan craft and share what works for you, what doesn't, etc.No drama please.
14 members
Kentucky Satanists
A group for all the occultists, Satanists, LHP'ers, and various dark critters who make their home in Kentucky, or anywhere nearby.
13 members
Satanic International Network Central Florida Chapter
This is a place for Satanists of Central Florida and who ever else want to join . All are welcome but  this chapter is of Theistic ,Anti-Cosmic ,Mlo 218 182 teachings . 
13 members
S.I.N. New Jersey Chapter
A group for individuals of the left hand path to meet up and discuss ideas.
13 members
Ohio SIN chapter
This group is for anyone in Ohio, especially Columbus as thats where Im at.  We have meet ups once a month right now and if things get growing strong in time Id like to have it every other week. 
13 members
Satanists of OH
This group is for anyone in Ohio looking to chat, meet up, make new friends etc, to the abyss we go<666 Hail Satan
13 members
Satanists of Texas.
For those looking for knowledge, and any sort of relationships in Texas.
13 members
Irish Chapter
This is basically for anyone living in Ireland (Both The Republic & North) & anyone who would find themselves visiting here. I have the time & mind to set plans to meet up & speak our minds to one another, and when i say speak minds i mean literally whatever comes to your mind feel f...
13 members
Satanism from (in) Belgium - Belgique
Un groupe pour ceux qui suivent de près ou de loin la Left hand path en Belgique. Een groep, voor wie goed of verreweg volg de Linkerhand pad in België.
12 members

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