I'm 27 yes old. I grew up in a very non religious household. As a young child I wanted so badly to believe in god and go to church with my friends and their families. Around the age 13 I really began to see what these churches and people really wanted and expected of me, and I knew at that point that I would never be that kind of a person, someone who blindly follows someone just because I wasnt educated enough on all possible religious options. I studied many religions through my teens until I finally landed on Wicca, but still something was wrong. In my early twenties I discovered Anton LeVay and everything changed I mean absolutely everything. It all started as fascination that led to research, research that led to a recognition within myself, a realization that there are people that feel exactly the way I do. I got into trouble having the satanic bible on my bookshelf when a nurse came to my home after my daughter was born to do a home check up. She contacted CPS, and I had to do parenting classes, and home walkthroughs for 6 months to keep my kids. After that witch hunt I even tried to put my beliefs on a back burner, hide who I was, and lie to myself. I broke the rule of lie to others, but never yourself. I've recently moved, and now feel safe to live my life, and am looking for others who share my views. Shemhamforash. Hail Satan!



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