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Mar 29 '20


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    Transcendent keys to power
    Dan updike is a great teacher. For those intrested here is the link to his new
    Thanks, I will check it out, here is a link to a live reading.....
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    Religiosity, The God Gene, and Wiring
    One of my favorite websites,, has bestowed this upon me 9 years ago: religiosity-gene-dominate-society Fairly old, but I feel It raises...
    It easy to hypothesize that atheists, if they have a lack of a particular gene or difference in thei...
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    Luciferianism VS Satanism- The Differences
    We have kicked this topic around form network to network and forum to forum. So fucked I made a video about it. 
    Which has better magik? What book should I read about luciferian ism?
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    Corona Virus - Add thoughts here.
    Hmmm..figured I would open up this can of worms. Seems as if California has mandated a two week ordered  ' stay at home ' which mean s..? Reside...
    Any thoughts on the virus being biological warfare? One of you thought it was aliens?
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    Mar 27 '20
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