Return of the Shitbender II: Beware the Son of the Shitbender from Shawn's blog

I have a fundamental, deeply held belief that all of humanity is totally full of shit. That includes me. Therefore you have my 100% guarantee that everything I say will be no less full of shit than the rest of the human race. That's the only guarantee I can give you. Everything else should be considered possibly full of shit.

I also have an equally fundamental, deeply held belief that the smartest thing anyone can do is realize how completely and totally full of shit they really are and remind themselves of this fact daily.

There are turds everywhere, and the turd you step in most often is your own.


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The Wall

Aug 16 '15
Nice to see you back Shawn. That was very honest and realistic. Unfortunately, most folks I argue with online consider themselves members of the internet aristocracy. That is until they start shitting in their pantaloons.
Aug 16 '15
Aristocracy? Heh ;) I'm the first shitbender.
Aug 16 '15
And nice to see you, too. :)
sonofject Member
Aug 16 '15
Well said. Never overlook those kernels and nuts of truth, though
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By Shawn
Added Aug 16 '15



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