On Being Bitchslapped By Zach from Shawn's blog

So, yeah. Heh :) I got called on some bullshit. A few days ago Zach made it abundantly clear that I was being an asshole and that sort of thing wouldn't be tolerated 'round these parts and you know what, motherfucker, that's cool with me. No really. I shit you not. In fact, I have a lot of respect for it. I was indeed being an asshole and Zach handled it well. (IMHO)

Normally, this kind of mod/admin conversation would stay private. This time, I'm saying a bit about it for a specific reason: it shows that SIN isn't like most. 

You probably know what I'm talking about: what usually happens is guy running the show makes the popular kids the mods who then will slam the ban hammer down on someone for making a valid point which they disagree with. Drama, drama, rinse, repeat.

I've known Zach for several years now. I've known the guy since the "old youtube days" (was it 2009? or 10?) before there was a SIN. Y'know, waaaay back. And I gots to follow the rules like everybody else.

I'm very happy about this. Being the devil's advocate of a problem child that I am, I've been booted out of countless Satanic forums for a myriad of bullshit reasons. So, I know the tar and feather well. :) Never, not even once, can I think of a time when a mod has been held accountable for their bullshit. Until now. (Ok, yeah, so it was me, but who gives a shit? :) ) The important thing here is that the line has been drawn in the sand as far as what will and will not be tolerated here at SIN.

Asshole mods? Absolutely not.

The bar is indeed being raised. 

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The Wall

Oct 24 '15
You an asshole? You're the nicest guy here, I'm not kidding.
Oct 24 '15
I forgot what an ad hominem was. :)
Troll Member
Oct 29 '15
Thank you kindly.
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By Shawn
Added Oct 24 '15



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