Coexistence ? from Zach Black's blog

Coexistence? No. We are Satanist. Although we do not promote religious bigotry or unneeded violence, should you choose to align yourself with a religion that is responsible for the murder and repression of millions under the false pretense of this or that God you ARE MY ENEMY.

I will not white knight around preaching coexistence. Nor will I question ' why can't we all get along' . We Satanists are not looking for acceptance or ' equality '. Make no mistake. I want nothing more than to see your religion of fear and hatred that is responsible for the deaths of millions destroyed. As long as I am alive this will be a goal of mine. 

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The Wall

Galeazzo62 Member
Sep 2 '17
Very well said!
Mauricio Gonzalez II
Sep 4 '17
¡¡¡¡¡¡666 ALL HÆIL THE FOUR CROWN PRINCES OF PANDÆMONIUM 666!!!!!! ~MG2 [s.s.s.] 3:).
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