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If you should find yourself suspended here are a few thing you should know. We work on the majority vote here. This is not a democracy, but if the majority want you out you are gone. Most suspensions are temporary as a warning. If you get suspended twice you are out for good. The complaints fall on my desk. I do not always know why one gets suspended. But, I stand behind the admins choice. We are pretty fair here. Rarely does someone get bounced for no good reason.

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The Wall

Khandnalie Member
Sep 26 '14
Who got suspended? o.0
Zach Black Owner
Sep 27 '14
Sep 27 '14
Lol how many times did he get suspended from here? I'm sure he'll be back in no time under a different nickname.
Orgasmic Karmatic. Mod
Sep 27 '14
They always comes back eventually.
Khandnalie Member
Sep 27 '14
*z-snaps* Bitch, we are fab-u-lous!
Zach Black Owner
Sep 28 '14
Org still cracks the whip around here. Just a few of us ugly men to take the fall.
Orgasmic Karmatic. Mod
Oct 16 '14
-whip crack- Aww yeah. :P
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