Theistic satanists are unironically evil from TheblackestBart's blog

Theistic satanists work for the government. If you didn't know this 10 years ago you are dumber than a wet rag, plain and simple. A quick breakdown for wet rags, the theistic satanist is somebody who  believes in an actual satan and wants to bring about the apocolypse (which is actually an elaborate government troll called operation bluebeam). They are also usually pedos/pro pedo to boot. We must purge satanism of this filth if we hope to survive. These are the retards who did human sacrifice in the 80s to be edgy, and now they have graduated to becoming SJWs and CPS workers. Instead of killing your kids, they now have realized stealing them and giving them to perverts is cheaper and more effective. If you need evidence just watch literally everything christ cucks make about satanism. The jesus cunts have been documenting the shit they do since the 90s and somewhat even before that. Just because I think/know they are retards and pedos themselves, I won't discount their work just for being christfags, because every now and then they get lucky. I know damn well what a theistic satanist is and I fucking hate them. A solid 60% of them are females/feminists or feminine men. I came to know about the theistic satanists through seeing the things they post online and other platforms they use to agitate for their cause. They also have a heavy presence on campus in US and have actually gone public recently through groups like the TST. Don't believe a word the TST says about being atheists. Their message is the same wherever they are:

"be evil and disgusting or kill yourself you nazi"

I've always rejected their bullshit from day one, and I look at them and just see uncle sam wearing a pentagram and an earwig. They aren't real occultists either. I dont care how many people or animals you murder, It won't make you powerful. Blood magick is the most primitive, subhuman form of occultism, and only dumb apes do it because they are incapable of concentration and meditation, and incapable of creative thought. "muh blood is the life" Crowley looked down on blood magick too, and that is evident in his work, If he had to take it for a test drive to find that out so be it. Sex magick for example is a higher form than blood magick, but theistic satanists are usually closeted pussies that can only manage same sex rituals with other queers and children, so I'm not suprised sex magick doesn't work for them. Thelemic sex magick is carried out by an ADULT PRIEST AND PRIESTESS. That is, the most powerful sex magick is between two adults in a heterosexual format. Who would've known.


In closing I will refer back to Anton Lavey, and why he wrote what he wrote. He saw young people in his time that wanted to rebel agaisnt a biased and antiquated system, but ended up in stupid cults and hippie communes, stifling any true freedom they might have had. The satanic bible is a work intended for those who want to rebel, but not degenerate. For those who refuse to worship, and refuse to conform, but also refuse to become a disgusting shadow of a person. That is why in his time he was hated, and in our time his work is constantly discredited. It is on each and every one of us to reject this propaganda put out by disgusting mutants that desperately want to kill off anything that isn't them. I've also got a message for you fat greasy perverts that think you'll be spared in the destruction you want to bring about.

YOU will be the first to get purged from the earth. Your superiors find you just as disgusting as I do, and after you aren't useful anymore, they'll throw you in the dump where filth belongs. But you're too stupid to see that, and you need the group moral support to survive, so in your cults you stay. I can't say rebellion has served me well, but I guess you view pride the same way christians do, and you'll never undertsand how I feel. Death to all pedos and subverters. Your deeds will come back on you, and I hope I live to see it. As above, so below.

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The Wall

Dark Enlightenment
Dec 13 '19
Well if what you say is true here is what we have:

Theocracy. Sickening, vile theocracy. The sentiment you just highlighted is also shared by scared little Christians, I just want to throw that out there.

That treads on ground of what Saudis do. Have a sorcery unit while your at it, G-Bitches. I couldn't abide nor support a country that wants to enforce magical thinking, or make everyone a theistic satanist.

But here is my own crazy input, which will out crazy your own.

There is a plethora of folk so stupid they firmly believe god's law is enforced by some government agency.

Humorously, one of the intelligence agencies in this country uses a fake agency of devil fighters to test prospective spies for espionage, or maybe just harrass people they don't like.

I had hoped they wanted people who don't give in and aren't wired towards fantastical thinking, because of its susceptibility towards squealing like a piggy to Russia or China.

I read a memoir by a retired CIA remote viewer that backs this up.

They test with superstition. They used my friend Jen's mother to come in and say I used magic to kill a fake daughter named "Rachael", who was Jen's Ex-girlfriend, from Kansas, and living in LA as of that time.

So this 68 year old pedo lesbian cunt named Kathy Harn played like a hurt little twat getting people to buy a fake sob story about a drunk driving crash that never occurred.

In this she got everyone to try to "save me" at a DoD facility, no less, in strict violation of my constitutional rights for church/state separation mandates.

It was actually maddeningly fun after a while.

I would creep over to aisles adjacent to them and just listen to them say, "He will never believe it is a Djinn, we just gotta keep doing it". I worked at a military commissary.

I would even use their jesusy emotions to catch them.

Unfortunately, I never got an answer from anyone why that happen. This despite my proving that they were helping this bitch with her perverted shit.

And at least I wasn't Jen. After sick old mom found out daughter was a lesbian she broke apart the relationship, harassed her out of a 6000/month job, and tried endlessly to get her own daughter to 'share a man' to correct her perversion. Supposedly that is biblical. I heard they kept harrassing her until she "killed herself", or at least I heard her facebook page was memorialized and trolled by christians for being a degenerate and hermaphrodite that was lied to for 36 years.

I think the old bag still attends a calvary church somewhere in North County San Diego. Along with a bunch of other meth addicted zealots that talk to voices in their head and fight the devil through organized harrassment.

Anyway, that's just my take on all this based on my own experience.

I can only hope they are being used in unnecessarily protracted tests of character and not to create manchurian mass shooters.
Well if what you say is true here is what we have:

Theocracy. Sickening, vile theocracy. The sentiment you just highlighted is also shared by scared little Christians, I just want to t...See more
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Dec 13 '19
your right that they try to sell a lot of religious shit to stupid people. glowies will dress up as anybody to convince people to act stupid. luckily they aren't actually running around dressed in robes killing people, that psyop failed. Now they're going after the problem with acceptance propaganda and at the same time strategic denial of earlier projects. It's hard to catch but it happens. I have no doubt they still go around starting cults but how extensive it is would be hard to prove. I useyour right that they try to sell a lot of religious shit to stupid people. glowies will dress up as anybody to convince people to act stupid. luckily they aren't actually running around dressed in rob...See more
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