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A man is stopped by another on the corner of his local drugstore who says “Hey, c'mere. I got these pills that will make you smarter. Only $10 a piece. Want one?” 

The man thinks about it for a second and says “Sure, give me one.”

“Thatta boy!”, replies the man, as he takes the other's 10 dollar bill and hands him a small, chocolate colored ball. 

The man takes it, chews, and swallows. 

“Do you feel smarter?”, asks the pill vendor. 

“No, not really,” replies the man.

“Well, take another, I assure you with each one you will increase in intelligence."

“Sure,” says the man as he pays another $10 and takes the pill handed to him.

“Any smarter?” asks the pill vendor.

“Yeah...”, remarks the man, “yeah, I think it takes a bit different this time. It's got a whang to it. Give me another!”

“Assuredly!” says the pill vendor as he takes another $10 and gives the man another vaguely spherical round ball.

Right as the man bites down on his third pill he exclaims, “Hey! This is sheep shit!”

“Absolutely! See, you're smarter already.”

Some book I'm working on:

I gots  somethin' for yas: one of the most well-kept open secrets of the Satanic religion. Interested? Yup,  that's it in the paper bag. Are yas interested? Hmmm? Ok.

:: Looks around suspiciously ::

Ok, It seems as if the coast is clear.... more

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