Past events

Chat Room
Thinking to start a chatroom night. Several years ago our chatroom was poppin. There are plenty of p...
Zach Black Mar 24 '21, 03:00PM
Universal Day
First ever annual celebration of the ULC(Ministries/Monastery)!!!  Universal Day honors that c...
Amalga9 Nov 3 '20
You will notice some graphics changes. Instead of closing the network for a couple days I am going t...
Zach Black Feb 27 '20
Halloween Party ( Live Chat )
Lets see who does not have plans or sees this in time.  I have plans but will pop in at 9pm PS...
Zach Black Oct 31 '19, 06:00PM
Meetup for Satanists / LHP - San Diego , CA ( Bi-Monthly )
We have a bi-monthly meetup in San Diego, CA ( Hillcrest) Every other Sunday starting September 8t...
Zach Black Sep 8 '19, 04:30PM
Meetup for Satanists / LHP - San Diego , CA ( Bi-Monthly )
Cigar cave meetup for Satanic International . This is a bi-monthly event every other Sunday at 7:...
Zach Black Sep 8 '19, 04:30PM
Satanic International San Diego Meetup
Bi-weekly we have a meetup of Satanists in San Diego at a place called cigar-cave. Cigar cave is a d...
Owner/Admin Aug 25 '19, 07:30PM
Satanic International Network San Diego Chapter meet up
Meetup for Diego Chapter. All are welcome. We meet at cigar cave in Hillcrest of 5th Ave behind buff...
Zach Black Aug 11 '19, 04:00PM
New Meetup Group
Please visit and search for "Black Flame Circle". It is a new small study circle in the R...
Lovely_HellWhore Jul 14 '19, 02:00PM
Satanists meetups in San Diego , CA ( Bi-Monthly )
Satanists meetups in San Diego , CAI am hosting meetups in San Diego, CA every other Monday at cigar...
Zach Black Jun 24 '19, 04:00PM
SIN Chapter Meeting ( San Diego ) Weekly
05-23-2019 We are going to start getting our San Diego Chapter for Satanic International Network ...
Zach Black May 27 '19, 04:00PM
Oddities and Curiosities Expo
For lovers of the strange and unusual
Nwo599 May 11 '19, 11:00AM
Chatroom Meetup
Little experiment to see if we can actually plan on meeting up at a certain time. Eventually we will...
Zach Black Jan 6 '19, 06:00PM

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