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Cornelius Coburn
Cornelius Coburn Dec 18 '22

Learned how to master the art of convection heating recently. It's basically a new boiler at less than two years old. Turned off the power switch to it in around September because some people are really wasteful on resources - it's also used for hot water as well as heat of course.

Turned it back on in November and shortly thereafter I noticed that the top floor was getting pretty warm even with the thermostat turned down and circulator pump not running - this where I learned about convection heating for the first time.

The culprit is likely a defunct check valve which prevents hot water from circulating throughout a zone(or floor(two in this case)). I did come up with a crafty fix for this where all I read on Google was people turning valves completely off, and info is sparse on this. I thought, instead of just turning a valve off why not slowly tweak it clockwise in an attempt to have some control over the amount of heat instead of just on/off.

It worked like a charm within one degree of accuracy - just by turning a lever. So, now I have three different heating variations on the three different levels. Basement(where the boiler is) is heated mostly by radiation I would say. First floor is the only one currently using one of the three circulator pumps, and responsible also for forcing hot water to the second floor because of the faulty check valve. Second floor - lever controlled convection heating.

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