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Scorbius Sep 16
I haven't met any other Satanists outside the Net. There is one that contacted me on Facebook. We got to talking but our beliefs clash. I didn't say anything about that but only questioned him politely on his beliefs in Satanism. He lives 20 minutes away from me. I am familiar with the area he lives in. But I don't want to meet him. He made it clear that he wanted a "friends-with-benefits" type of "friendship" with me, and I am in a monogamous relationship. So that was a disappointment. I was hoping to make a new Satanist friend.

There are plenty of places for me to look for other occultists and pagans, since I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. But I have had too many weird and uncomfortable interactions with more than a few of them, so that turned me off wanting to join any temples, groups or covens or getting to know any in real life. I know it's me and my problem. But I just join the Facebook groups and interact with others there.

AK Mod
AK Sep 16
Yeah. I don't recommend it. The bulk of us are (and there's no polite way of saying this) degenerates. Awful. Morally reprehensible. It's just how we're wired. Homewreckers. Teethkickers. We've come to accept this. We have tallies on our walls for every marriage we've broken. We smirk. A lot. We gauge our success by the enemies we've acquired. Nothing good happens here. Not ever.

Stay away from facebook. They're watching you. You're (probably) smarter than that. This is the gutter where we belong. Stick around. It'll be fun.

Scorbius Sep 16
I am actually enjoying my time here. I like reading other people's posts and being exposed to different points of views.

Nowhere did I say nor did I mean to imply that other people who are in the occult and pagan scene are degenerates, homewreckers and the like. 

But your post did make me smirk. A bit.

AK Mod
AK Sep 16
Just a bit? :( 

I think I like you too much. You're all non-committal while I'm basically throwing myself at you. This hurts my self esteem. 

I think pagans are retards, and they use it as a breeding strategy. It's a bunch of moderately fuckable people doing drugs and trying to hook up with other moderately fuckable people. I am not wrong about this.  I also have really strong opinions against Anonymous. 

I don't like most things. I like people who admit that they are terrible. They make me so very, very happy. Not a lot of people do that.  

Have you watched this? Everyone should watch this. (all of you. Period.)

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AK Mod
AK Sep 16
also good. Enjoy.
EpicFail TITS
EpicFail Sep 16
Go to the haha hotel. you can meet all kinds of people there. Being popular on social networks is basically like sitting at the cool table at the funny farm. You have fun with them, you might even enjoy the challenge of trying to fuck them. But when it's time to go  back to "normal" life, you forget them.

AK Mod
AK Sep 16
Call me. Chica.
EpicFail TITS
EpicFail Sep 16
I will in a bit. I have to go pretend to have dinner with my family. atm
AK Mod
AK Sep 16
Ok fine. Go eat lobster with your family. Or chicken parm. I like that too. Wake or wind me up.

(the bitter end won't be so cold)

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EpicFail TITS
EpicFail Sep 16
Damn it! 

Berardo Rodriguez Member
I met an individual who is a member of this Site, that person is not a Satanist, but a Christan , and such a person tried the best to get me out of SIN, the poor fellow got some real Satanic fire from me.
AK Mod
AK Sep 19
Lesser known fact: Christians are welcome here. Christians and people who have wits enough to support a legitimate case for Christianity. It's not the easiest of angles to take, I don't know why anyone would take that approach, but it can and has been done before.
Gypsiegirl920 Oct 11
i would also like to meet with laveyan satanist in the south florida area
Drloover Oct 13
Well, at least you have some Satanists in you area, I live in Iraq , now imagine that!!!
AK Mod
AK Oct 13
Saddam was my favorite Satanist ever! I loved him and still love him with all that I am. RIP. XOXO <3 <3 Saddam4evar

I'd shake literally any appendage he thrust at me with glee had I only the chance to.


I at the time was a communist

Lived on a collective farm

She was a part-time antichrist

Our sex went off like a bomb

Living the life of a terrorist

Looking for the man Saddam,

Who gave me a gun as Iran to the sun

If you die like a dog then you are then you are Saddam

They shall drown in their own blood!

Hail Saddam a go-go!

Going to Saddam a go-go

Everybody is there

Business of strange bed fellows

Makes you dance around like a bear Ein, Schwein, kick him in the eye

Teamed up with the Asian eye

They were the ones Who could rise with the sun

As they lived in their planes

And they died

How they died... Hail!

The running paper tiger chases its own tail

Hail Saddam a go-go

He was someone who was there for people like me

Hi there Saddam, loved the party

Yes they're all here with me

Bloody Saddam

Loves you always, always a kick

Bloody Saddam

Even though the smell is making me sick

As we sit on our roofs

And cheer as your scuds fall like rain

Here at the ancient ziggaraunt Saddam is presiding there

Running around with a saxophone Where is the president, where?

Here it comes, the black tornado

Let's have a cheer for Sarajevo

If you survive what falls out of his mind

You'll make the political world

"No, I am a militant and I have no fear for myself. I have spent my life in jihad and fighting aggression. Anyone who takes this route should not be afraid."

Like. A. Boss.

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