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Galeazzo62 Member
Galeazzo62 Sep 29 '17
Are there any aspiring creative writers here?
Charles Sep 29 '17
Some folks tell me I are one, dunno'bout that I mean I only exercise it in personal correspondence and never gave it much thought about no blog'n or what not. hmmm, wouldn't really know what to blog about let alone hold any credentials in writing... then I took a curious gander into that Luxex's wordpress site and noticed a mention of dropping out in the 10th grade and I thought hmmm... I guess I could give it the ole GED try pfft I dropped out during summer school senior year try'n to accumulate the necessary credits for graduation...  unfortunately for me one afternoon during English class Mrs Grimes called upon me [in the back row with the other delinquents] to read out loud from class book some part in MacBeth, I turned to my buddy next to me, stuck my tongue out to his astonished jaw dropping gaze & OMG look at the 2 hits of blotter acid I had dropped just before class... short version, struggled through it cracking voice and all then quietly closed the book, walked out of the school and never returned. 

True story tho, 5 months later I was inSANe Diego attending book camp  with the Navy out of the assortment of military choices my father provided lol... during boot camp when we received our first pay, I mailed off $20 to a friend back home in TN for, yup you guessed it, 4 hits of blotter acid and tripped on picture day of course... 

...true story tho wouldn't recommend trying a stunt like that during basic training unless you're a seasoned acid head who can sit at the dining room table with family for a typical weekday dinner peaking on 2 hits.

I'm shake'n my middle age head in disapproval as I type this but there's no wiping this silly grin off my face for getting away with it.

Anyhow if you've tripped you'll know what I'm talking about when I mention I had no problem smiling that day for my graduation photo, and my pupils spoke volumes \m/

I guess in a way I just blogged my first blog, Yay me \m/

Cornelius Coburn
Cornelius Coburn Sep 18 '22


Halo or horn christened descent

Does it even matter

It's not really the point

Pun intended

Layers upon serpentine layers

The illusion of color

Rendering of splendor

Swirling down

Beautiful concealment about

The eyes tell a story

Erotic increments unfold

Lipstick smiles

Slender broad and succulent

Venusian hourglass

Middle of the median

Magic abound

Limbs of melded muscle

Form and function

Intoxicating movements

Most graceful

Terminus bearing rhythm

Teasing of earth

with spirit commands

From nowhere

Cornelius Coburn
Cornelius Coburn Sep 25 '22


From the botanical and biological to the primordial

The beginnings of time, life; even entire universes

From the ex-seed-ingly small to infinitely large

A terrestrial seed becomes a tree of the earth

A godseed becomes a tree of life, of souls

A universe

Seed to tree, and tree to seed

The eternal cycle


Cornelius Coburn
Cornelius Coburn Sep 27 '22

Black Sunshine

Creation and times unknown

passing swiftly circle around

Morning dew, a new agenda

Burnin' through kiss the sky

Fire on high and seek thy



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Cornelius Coburn
Cornelius Coburn Dec 1 '22

Things Come and Go

Things come and go

but from where do they come

and where do they go

A single facet of the infinite

manifested in the context

of unbounded diversity

In what time, in what place

Does eternity even yield a time

or infinity a place

Another illusion from nowhere

this emergent nothingness

Ineffable, but still we write

This individuality

considered as illusion

an extension of the limitless

of the absolute

If alpha and omega be God

then this be the process

which encapsulates these

A dream from nothing

of God itself

further perpetuated


Cornelius Coburn
Cornelius Coburn Dec 4 '22

The Infinite Heads of the Primordial

The primordial juggernaut forever spiraling through existence and non

Establishing a medium by which to experience via its many heads

The heads come and go

where one may depart

two may grow


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Cornelius Coburn
Cornelius Coburn Dec 8 '22


The time is short

and the beast comes

with wrath


there has been found

solace, in knowing

There would be times

and times again

as there always

have, and will

With no how

or why


Cornelius Coburn
Cornelius Coburn Dec 9 '22

The Girl from Ipanema

Adorned, queen scale of Venus performing bossa nova of the early sixties; provocatively imbued and infused with Portuguese and a hint of English.

Dantalion Dec 11 '22
When I was in jail, I would turn into Ernest fucking Hemingway. I had all of my writings but they all got stolen when I got burglarized in 2018.
Cornelius Coburn
Cornelius Coburn Dec 11 '22
I enjoy writing during altered states(delicately put), or a semi-hypnopompic state upon waking in which the latter is likely to be more mundane. Back in 2015 I started writing on occult forums and often times they would go defunct, and I would lose everything; there wasn't really much worth saving back in the early days anyway.

Nowadays, I write and save most everything in Wordpad, and after I've posted everything I have I'll engage multiple sites and revise and repost everything from scratch; of course I still continue to post on the original sites as well, like this one.

Cornelius Coburn
Cornelius Coburn Dec 11 '22
I was also thinking about using this thread to revise and repost as most of my stuff is buried out of sight anyway, so the redundancy is likely to not be very noticeable, or at least that's the idea.
Cornelius Coburn
Cornelius Coburn Dec 11 '22
I just have to be writing something, somewhere; mostly every day as some sort of compulsion I'm going through. It's just your typical everyday shit, writing, driving ad infinitum; I think it might end, but it never does.
Cornelius Coburn
Cornelius Coburn Dec 12 '22

Death Messiah

The Absolute binds all consciousness as one, forever. What is death? Where one illusion ends, another begins


Cornelius Coburn
Cornelius Coburn Dec 13 '22

Every Man and Every Woman is a Star

There are virtually an infinite number of stars in the nighttime sky. Some are so far away that by the time their light reaches us they are no longer in existence. Stars come and go with a life span that is measured in eons. The most important star whose symbol holds the scepter of power in the one hand and the ankh in the other will continue to rise and set for the foreseeable future, until the prophesy has been fulfilled :

When day turns to night the world will end.

As spoken to me in a dream, but until then I shall continue to be son of the sun - but in reality I'm more of a night person.


Cornelius Coburn
Cornelius Coburn Dec 15 '22

Abstract : Reflections

'I' or 'eye' : same phonetics; different implications yet the same description can be applied to both : the primordial I/Eye of eternity, the point within the circle, within and without, the initial zero-point parameter (the pupil within), and its temporally layered spatial expansion (concentric optical layers(pupil, iris, white))

With the perpetual creation and manifesting of these fractally propagating architectures from an initial zero-point the resulting micro to macrocosmic parallels become physically or otherwise apparent in a number of ways not ruling out coincidence and the extent of possibility.

Conclusion : the macrocosmic eye of eternity and its subsequent and corresponding microcosmic reflections


Cornelius Coburn

Infinite Fractal Tapestries

From remnants to rocks to mountains, there will always be found something within, resembling that which is without

Cornelius Coburn

Monochromatic Stains

Like the serpents of color infused with the rains

of bows and lessened light

to monochromatic stains


Cornelius Coburn


Like father like son

to hither to go


right left row


head to toe


cut high

and below


the dead

won't grow

Scattered will



Dantalion 20 hours ago
I wrote a screenplay once. It was called “Straight Twisted”. I bought a book called “The Screenwriters Bible”. It tells you how to write a script without the camera angles, lighting, etc. I believe they call that kind of a script a treatment. It’s been so long I don’t remember. But the story was about a man who entered a corrupt criminal justice system in a small county and his fight to expose the corruption of the prosecutors and the police that were falsely charging young men for the personal profit of those charging them. It was a lot of fun. I lost that book when I moved to Washington, but I’d like to write a screenplay again.
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