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Galeazzo62 Member
Galeazzo62 Sep 29 '17
Are there any aspiring creative writers here?
Charles Sep 29 '17
Some folks tell me I are one, dunno'bout that I mean I only exercise it in personal correspondence and never gave it much thought about no blog'n or what not. hmmm, wouldn't really know what to blog about let alone hold any credentials in writing... then I took a curious gander into that Luxex's wordpress site and noticed a mention of dropping out in the 10th grade and I thought hmmm... I guess I could give it the ole GED try pfft I dropped out during summer school senior year try'n to accumulate the necessary credits for graduation...  unfortunately for me one afternoon during English class Mrs Grimes called upon me [in the back row with the other delinquents] to read out loud from class book some part in MacBeth, I turned to my buddy next to me, stuck my tongue out to his astonished jaw dropping gaze & OMG look at the 2 hits of blotter acid I had dropped just before class... short version, struggled through it cracking voice and all then quietly closed the book, walked out of the school and never returned. 

True story tho, 5 months later I was inSANe Diego attending book camp  with the Navy out of the assortment of military choices my father provided lol... during boot camp when we received our first pay, I mailed off $20 to a friend back home in TN for, yup you guessed it, 4 hits of blotter acid and tripped on picture day of course... 

...true story tho wouldn't recommend trying a stunt like that during basic training unless you're a seasoned acid head who can sit at the dining room table with family for a typical weekday dinner peaking on 2 hits.

I'm shake'n my middle age head in disapproval as I type this but there's no wiping this silly grin off my face for getting away with it.

Anyhow if you've tripped you'll know what I'm talking about when I mention I had no problem smiling that day for my graduation photo, and my pupils spoke volumes \m/

I guess in a way I just blogged my first blog, Yay me \m/

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