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Bigbull Dec 6 '17
Who here has a ps4 as am thinking about grouping on a good few games like rocket league and call of duty and fifa 18 also a few other games 

Deadpuppet01 Oct 1 '18
My username is deadpuppet1, I don't play any of that bullshit but friend me anyway. I might buy fallout 76 and I'm looking for pals, plus I like to Snoop on other people's gaming progress.
Nick218 Chapter Head
Nick218 Apr 17 '21
Anyone on play Call of Duty WarZone ..?
Nick218 Chapter Head
Nick218 Apr 17 '21
 Drec_Commando9a ADD me. 
Fox_Spirit May 19
Anyone here play Warframe? I got a few games, also on PC.
prefer co-op games.

I actually met a satanist who was very open about it on that game, can imagine my surprise lol.
Metaphysical Exile
Please do you know any Android app that emulates PS vita games without glitches rather than retroarch or vita3k?
Dantalion Jun 12
I don’t waste my time on video games.
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