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Zach Black Jan 3 '18
Hopefully you can view this. Facebook will not allow me to embed video ....

Zach Black - Comedy Central

or maybe this link ...  Zach Black - Comedy Central

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Zach Black Jan 3 '18
Well, it was my first official TV appearance. I figured it would be good for the network. This was the first time I heard about TST with the adopt a state highway thing. They thought that was me and kept assuming I was CoS. 

Yeah they did cut about 95% of what I said out. They did make me try to explain Satanism in under 10 seconds. But overall it was good. Think of that Joe Pyne interview that LaVey did. Jeselnik approached me in the makeup room and said ' I am not a Satanists, I am a extreme Atheist and I support what you guys are doing. I read the Satanic bible and it make sense, except for the rituals and why you guys call yourself Satanists if you really do not believe in Satan. 

During the 6 hour filming which got condensed into 1:30 minutes we had a lot of time sitting face to face with each other. Kinda awkward. So , we made time pass by making fun of each other. Here are some examples..

Jeselnik - ' So first time on TV' ?

Me - Yeah kinda. 

Jeselnik - ' I see you ran out to walmart and bought a new shirt. I see you freshly shaved your head and beard. Did they not tell you we have a wordrobe department here'? 

Me - Yeah they did but I was afraid they would make me look like you ...Justin Bieber older brother'. 

I complemented on his fancy shoes and asked him how much that cost. He said like 400-500 bucks. He complemented me on my shoes and asked how much they cost. I said 10 bucks at goodwill. 

One thing he did do that was cool was he opened up the staff dinner to us. They had a guest table with chips and fruit but the staff table had a fucking mobile chef cooking bomb shit.. I was not aware I was not allowed to eat at the staff table. Security told me to fuck off and kick rocks. Jeselnik check the security dude and said ' Give these Satanists anything they want. Jeselnik also gave me a 100 dollar bill for drinks , nice resort and limo rides. 

All in all I think it was a good experience. It could have been better if they told me what they were gonna ask me. Also, if they did not limit my already limited vocabulary. I was not allowed to use terms like ' mundane' and 'carnal'. They said I had to dumb it down. Even the word ' Adversarial ' was to much but I explained in is critical and it passed. 

They hosted it at a all girls Catholic school... Jeselnik idea. They shitty altar in the background was my creation. Not proud of it. But, they said , Zach we need a altar fast' . I was like ' okay send some to get these things'. They were like ' no time here is a box of candles and a cloth napkin and a marker....make it work..' .. LOL

Regarding Lucien I think he felt that the exposure would be good. IDK I do not watch the news so I am ignorant as to which are good and bad.
Quote from AK47

Jeselnik comes across as a self-loathing closet fag with all the comedic merit of a dead chicken with a rubber dick.

Why you agreed to take this one on will remain as much a mystery to me as why "Lucien" agreed to take on FOX News.

Though, I guess it's something.

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