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Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Jan 5 '18

Have fun with this one. :)

Any good conspiracy soup needs connections to be made no one gets but the person writing it.

You must give it some accompanying links.  Don't worry about losing credibility, as you will never have any to begin with.

Electronic Harassment (Pandora Project)

Don't Forget The Project Stargate Tie In.

As required, you must include another leap and back up your point with a long and complex tangent á la, "What the fuck are you on?"


Start with an insinuation.

Rational Wiki is disinformation!

Now try to back it up.

From Wikipedia on "ELF":

"ELF waves can penetrate seawater, which makes them useful in communication with submarines. The US, Russia, and India are the only nations known to have constructed ELF communication facilities."

From Rational Wiki:

"(ELF) waves are radiowaves with frequencies from 3 Hz to 3 kHz. Because they easily propagate through fluids such as the ocean, they've been used for submarine communications. They're also a favorite target of cranks and conspiracy theoristswho claim they're being used for all sorts of nasty things like mind control. Since the Schumann Resonance lies within the ELF frequency range, weather control is also attributed to ELF"
 "Antennas that will transmit ELF are so huge as to be impractical."

Then try to contradict their rationally sound discrediting of it all.

But here's (below) the plan to implenment it, and pay no attention to that thing in Alaska (whatever it is), or that most technologically advanced nations have built them.

Article from 1981

Rational wiki also never really discounts the effect on the brain. The ionosphere does effect the brain. Wind tells you that. Windy days have a higher charge that amounts to a disruption effect that causes higher levels of anger and hostility. 

Plus there is a disclosed 1960's experiment on the effects of certain frequencies and controlling large crowds of people that achieved marked success.

You're Done. 

Now, try to hang a bell on the fact you are going to get a tin foil detectives hat for your exposé.

This is so much better than a fucking hypercube. 

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Anna Jan 5 '18
Generally, conspiracy theories are harmless and even mildly entertaining. As long as they do no harm, I would let people believe whatever the hell they want to believe. The only species I would hang on the nearest trees are anti-vaccination activists. Those douches not only harm their children but are the threat to everyone around.

Another point is that there is a grain of truth in many conspiracy theories. Or to put it better, while the situations pictured by hyperactive imagination are illusory, the reason for the insanity is real. It is the feeling of trust that got undermined by deception, covert motivations, half-truths or outright lies.

So coming back to our anti-vaccination activists and all those who think their doctors and pharmaceutical companies want to poison and kill them... While it is not exactly true they want to poison you, for sure as fuck, they want to drain your pocket by selling you the medicines that are totally useless to you. It is especially true about the meds you don't need a prescription for. And I don't here mean the pain-killers but stuff like the pills that are supposed to help you lose weight, reduce stress, enrich your diet or strengthen your immune system, various vitamins etc. It is also a fact that doctors cooperate with pharmaceutical companies and even get secretly paid by them to prescribe you specific drugs. It doesn't always have to be malicious, the drug prescribed might prove to be helpful but the ulterior motive is there.

The abuse of surveillance is also a fact. Whether the security services give so much shit about a random nobody is debatable.
Reliant Jan 5 '18
Add the A-holes that let their kids die because they believe GOD is the only correct way to heal and medicine is evil. 

I concur with you on the surveillance as well.  Add facial recognition to the conversation and nobody is truly free. Terrorist are NOT helping!    

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