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Jon S Manager
Jon S Nov 23 '14
I work 4 days a week in an office setting and I work 7 days a week from home offering various IT services and Internet Marketing stuff.
Sassa Nov 24 '14
I issue parking charge notices... I will hide immediatly!!!
jonathan Nov 25 '14

Quote from SassaVerdandi I issue parking charge notices... I will hide immediatly!!!

cant think of anything more evil off the top of my head lol
Owner/Admin Nov 26 '14
I do what needs to be done to make money. Most of my legit jobs are usually sushi chef or in the service food/bar industry.
Sassa Nov 26 '14

Quote from joniathan
Quote from SassaVerdandi I issue parking charge notices... I will hide immediatly!!!

cant think of anything more evil off the top of my head lol
I guess you could say that I truly am touched by the devil... mwah ha ha ha! 
Sassa Nov 26 '14

Quote from Brian And I do too Sassa but its like 3 am so no one is up to bitch. lol
You lucky man Brian! I have irate people giving me stupid excuses as to why they left their car in our car park (which is free for customers) and naffed off shopping in town. I'm like Durrrr.... time limit of 2 hours and you have been 3! I just send them to the store manager now, who is under orders not to cancel them from my boss. people take the piss once they know they can get away with it!!
Anna Dec 8 '14
I look after my grandmother and also teach English at private lessons but only occasionally because caring for the grandma is quite a hard work and time consuming. Sometimes, it's pleasant, at other times it sucks but in general looking after my grandma gives me a lot of satisfaction.
Storm Jan 25 '15
I was a bartender/dancer. Now just a dancer and soon going to go to school to get my education and training to become a pharmacist. Only one boss flipped about my religious preference and he was a fake-christian in my opinion he didnt follow the religion properly. I never let it get to me. 
Millsy Member
Millsy Nov 20 '15
Accountant but I want to learn Comp Sci and maybe go back for a MS in applied maths...but laziness becomes me 
ShadowLover Member
ShadowLover Nov 20 '15
I'm a writer. Mainly romance and/or erotica. I have a couple of different pen-names. I plan on releasing the first book of a larger series at the beginning of next year - it is darker and more complex. I like putting my characters into dark situations and watching them grow as they overcome it. Most stuff I write is full of sex and I don't shy away from the violent or the macabre either. However, In the last few months  I have been mainly writing supernatural smut (short stories) to build my fan base so hopefully when I do release my bigger series I might make enough money to cover my bills.

Next year I want to do my tertiary entrance (6months) and then do a BA in English, majoring in creative writing, basically to enhance the quality of my work and secure a future in the writing industry. I've been writing my whole life as a hobby but have only just started publishing some.

I've also just been learning photoshop so I can make my own covers as well as covers for other writers - am launching my ad on Fiverr this weekend hopefully. The covers I have made are awesome! I'm so proud! : )
SanaraCats Nov 20 '15
I work in hospitality. I hate it
TheAmazingSatanist Nov 21 '15
I'm a university student.
Hartnell Nov 21 '15
I'm an asshole.
Hartnell Nov 21 '15
@SanaraCats: That must be interesting.

"Welcome to our place of business! Fuck you very much, I hope you die."

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