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Anna Mar 30 '18
This gem has appeared in my Facebook newsfeed.

For all those of you who think Satan became impotent, here is an article that proves something to the contrary:

Is Satan Still Cool? The Teens Speak

The authors of the article asked teens (since they are experts on cool stuff) whether Satan appears cool to them and what his influence is, especially in music but not only. Here are some answers:

“I think he has his place for some people. Personally, I don’t think he’s that cool. I think his time has passed. We’re bringing in something new.”

“I think Satan is still out there. People are less sensitive with that maybe, so it’s maybe become a joke. He’s still kickin around. I think he’s still cool though.”

“Definitely still cool—within music especially for rock and roll. He’s obviously still awesome.”

“Not cool at all. I think Satan is just an idol for edge lords. They think they’re edgy but they don’t understand Satan at all. I feel like [past generations] were misguided. They wanted to feel punk, but Satan isn’t punk at all. Satan is pretty whack.”

“Yeah, he’s still cool. I like to think Justin Bieber is Satan himself.”

And this is what great Magus Gilmore said (although he doesn't look like a teen):

“Satan is a potent symbol for the rare few who champion individualism, regardless of their age. If you can embrace the power that pride in personal achievement brings, and can be tolerant of differing points of view, yet pursue your own self-determined course—despite pressure to conform exerted by collectivists and authoritarians across the political and religious spectrum—then Satan always serves as a formidable and inspirational archetype of strength, liberty and iconoclasm. That seems pretty cool to me.”

And you... what do you think? Is Satan as an archetype still influential and attractive today? Is that guy still cool? Has he ever been cool? If so, what makes him cool? If not, can we make him somehow cooler, like more badass or something? Discuss... You can be serious or not.
Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Mar 30 '18
Is Satan still cool? Naw, it is protected.   Exoterically anyway. 

Federal law (Title VII of the Civil Rights Act) and the laws of most states prohibit employers from engaging in religious discrimination: making job decisions based on an employee’s or applicant’s religion or lack of religious beliefs. Title VII also prohibits workplace harassment on the basis of religion and requires employers to accommodate an employee’s religious beliefs or practices, as long as it doesn’t create an undue hardship.

To answer this seriously. Its "coolness"  is along the same lines of white suburban idolization of inner city culture. Wanting  to be from down the 110 or south of 10 mile is its equal. 

So as long as there is still the faithful/duality brainworms circulating in society it will hold its value as a method of transgression. Just as so long as there is still amelodic tone deaf rap white kids will wanna be a gangsta. 

And if the proliferation of these "cool" new 5000 seat mega churches continues and people keep wanting to "save". 

 It all depends on what is advised against.

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Diane Mar 30 '18
@LuciferCrow...I couldn't have said it better myself! Straight and to the point. :)
Anna Mar 31 '18
"The only actual "Satanists" I've met in real life, including myself, were always "losers" sporting a myriad of often disturbing psychological issues ranging from anti-social tendencies to schizophrenia to straight-up sociopathy; some with a bit better head on their shoulders than others. "

Dunno AK. There is a difference between willful alienation and social ineptitude.  I wouldn't consider the latter "Satanic." There are those who prefer to distance themselves from idiots and those who get rejected because they fail in their relationship with others. It depends on your objectives. How can you work and earn money if you just can't get along with people? You can be a thief or a swindler, sure, but I guess you would need some social skills for that too.
Anna Mar 31 '18
Well, the majority of schizophrenics are pretty harmless, just more or less socially awkward and, of course, crazy.
Anna Apr 1 '18
I didn't say I met "the majority of schizophrenics", only a few of them. I read a bit about the illness. If you want one article for reference, here it is:

Schizophrenia and Dangerous Behaviour

It's possible the few people you met were dangerous to themselves and others. The ones I knew were harmless. Sometimes, there was nothing extraordinary about their behavior so, if they didn't tell you they suffered from schizophrenia, you wouldn't guess. Few were totally crazy but not in a dangerous way. Their talk just didn't make any sense or they rarely talked, living in their heads all the time, as if they belonged to some other world. There were a few who suffered more from depression and fear attacks than standard psychosis.

Anyway, my point is that there is nothing willful about mental disorders. You don't choose them, they choose you and they generally handicap you. On the other hand, I associate Satanism with exercising one's will. Even if you're ill, you try to overcome it, not surrender to it. At least, this is my opinion.
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Anna Apr 1 '18
Mental illness is largely succumbing to one's irrational impulses. It's your psyche breaking from the leash and running away with you like a crazy dog. Willful acting against yourself would be a refusal to submit. Of course, since it's hard or even impossible to do without meds and therapy, this is why it's called an illness. You can choose to be anti-social, right. But a mental disorder is not a matter of choice.
fnord Apr 1 '18
Fuck the teens, fuck the 'youth' and fuck the status quo. 

Satan isn't and never has been 'cool'. 

Satanism is a hard path. LHP is difficult. FAITH is easy. 

I'm absolutely sick to death of the 'hangers on'. Do something real for fucks sake. I can prove mine, can you? Internet fucking windbag motherfuckers. Probably time for me to check out of this place. Short of a handful of real people (Zach, Nith and maybe AK being a few) can any of you say you've moved any needle at all?  

All right - adios SIN. 

Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Apr 1 '18

Quote from fnord

Satanism is a hard path. LHP is difficult. FAITH is easy. 

The crux of it all... And if people cant figure it out.

Faith, blind belief, waiting to be delivered from adversity is the same codependance that put millions of weak minded fucks in AA.  

Just like at 600, you will be missed... 

And thanks for the Blue once upon a time. 

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Anna Apr 2 '18

You forgot one crucial thing re the descent into the underworld myth. Inanna made it back up. She didn't stay in the underworld forever. The same goes for Jesus and all other resurrected ancient gods. In the end, they win over the darkness.

Oh and Fnord. Your genius and groundbreaking insights will be missed. What will all those forums do without you, I wonder.

Anna Apr 2 '18
Winning over the darkness is integrating the unconscious with the conscious. The Whole vs (as you yourself put it) house divided against itself. Succumbing to madness is giving up on resurrection. I admit you have a point as to embracing the unconscious and the primal but it's not the same as submitting to it and being ruled by it. And this is what madness is for me; being the slave of your own psyche.

As a side note , this is for your entertainment:

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