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This is the most satanic song I can think of.  It is a weird choice, because I hate most of his other shit...

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Eric Kelly Apr 8
This song 

Gets my vote. Highly recommended for the weak minded.

FerrousLucius Apr 10
It really depends on what particular facet your going for.  So many bloody choices. 

I'm really obsessed with under the sun. https://youtu.be/-B8A1To_-8Y it's all about unrepentingly carving your own path, and not falling for the standards which have been laid out. Not letting yourself get caught in the drama of the day and dragged down with it. And of course it has a nice dark aesthetic to it.

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SatanicBrain Apr 11
That's a difficult choice, as FerrousLucius said, it really depends on what facet you're looking at. There's quite a bit of stuff from Zeal & Ardor or Nathan Gray that I would definitely name.

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I fan Hollywood undead just because the party and having fun
LuciferCrow Apr 16
"Candle Wax"

Albert Apr 17

This one probably:

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