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Ive recently been having dreams about incubi, and I'm slowly just feeling like "fuck dating mortal men, I want to have an incubus lover!". Has anyone had experience in summoning incubus? If so, what was your experience like? Was he sweet and kind, or cold and rough?

Also is this a weird feeling to have or am i just fucking crazy?

Dark Enlightenment

I once wrote a poem about a succubus... This seems like a good place to share it.

The Succubi 

Most guess a succubus
surely they are not
but mental projections
of the love they want
Contrived from their coding
the wishful and loathing
there is no sugar coating
that they all speak of loss

I have brainworms now. 

Anna May 15
Since you are that girl who didn't have much luck in the romance forum, I gather you dream about incubus because you can't attract men although you desire it a lot.

And no you aren't crazy. Just deluded.
@ Anna

And what do you mean by that? Just curious.

Albert May 16


Succubus on me

Lonely and needy at night

Drained in the morning

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