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Hartnell May 21 '18
Any Rick and Morty fans? 

70 more episodes! 

T. Volt
T. Volt May 25 '18
No one here is going to watch cartoons with you. *Then again, maybe they will, the fuck do I know.
The Forum post is edited by T. Volt May 25 '18
Hartnell May 26 '18
Have you seen Rick & Morty?
T. Volt
T. Volt May 26 '18
I'm sure its hilarious.
Orobas Nov 25 '18
Rick and Morty blows my mind. Which is fortunate as there is never any LSD here and I'm to old for morning glory seeds or cactus juice. 70 more episodes is good news, something to look forward to. 

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