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GoetiaGordon Jul 1 '18
Are there any people here who have studied the qlipoth??? tree of life, the 10 sephiroths etc? Goetia and king solomons 72 daemons? Im heavily studying this deep subject and i am loving it. Praying to daemons anyone? 
Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Jul 1 '18
Oh, you're so doomed.

First it starts off with a little reading. You think, "this is cool, I totally got this". Then you delve a little deeper and keep taking in all the things you're reading. Soon shit gets real. The 72 virgins come to life and next thing you know you're slamming deep esoteric pseudo new age numerology bullshit. Then the voice in your head starts telling you to burn things and you cant quite explain why that missing store clerk is tied to a water heater in your basement. I've seen it 100 times.

This is why we must warn others about the perils that lay in wait for all those that fail to heed the warning.  Resist the peer pressure to do magic. Just say no.

I mean unless you truly believe you're talking to something you didn't create, then you are just doomed.

Have fun, though.  
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Dunkelkult Jul 1 '18
Go read this one (if you have not read it yet): https://www.ebay.com/...-Rouge-/161595590825

It's possible to find cheaper versions, there is more than one edition. 

AK Jul 1 '18

Quote from Dunkelkult

It's possible to find cheaper versions, there is more than one edition. 

Sure is: https://www.amazon.com/...rlsson/dp/0972182063

Quote from GoetiaGordon Are there any people here who have studied the qlipoth??? tree of life, the 10 sephiroths etc? Goetia and king solomons 72 daemons? Im heavily studying this deep subject and i am loving it. Praying to daemons anyone? 
Yes. Yeap. Yeah. Great. Lol nope.

GoetiaGordon Jul 1 '18
No, no, im not "doomed" 

Im reading the qabala qlipoth and goetia magic rn.

Taking my time. Studying taking notes.

SamaelSwine Jul 7 '18
Most I did was a sort of bootstrapped version of a golden dawn initiation i found in a giant golden dawn textbook in a used bookstore. Couldnt resist buying such an absurdly gigantic book about the occult for like 5 bucks canadian. There's a bunch of qlipoth, tree of life stuff in there, but thats like 50 rituals down the road from what I did. Anyway, I wasnt thrilled with the results, or even the act of the ritual so I havent gone back to it. Just so complicated. How do you have time for drinking and screwing?

My guess is its so complicated so the masters at the top can always say you haven't met your holy guardian angel yet because you fucked up on the greater banishing ritual of the anal hexagram by spinning clockwise with your right pinky extended instead of your left. Do let me know what happens Gordo, always interested in people who are willong to get away from books and keyboards and get dirty with some real occult bullshit

AK Jul 8 '18
Golden Dawn literature tends to be a lot of rumpdeedump (schematics, trappings, symbolism, imagery, and theory) with little-to-no poof (technique and results). Its own highly syncretic nature tends to make the system as unwieldy as it is colorful. Some people are drawn to that; others not so much. 

It's possible that legitimate orders fill-in the poof in higher grades; I couldn't say one way or another, but I can see that many of them seem incredibly dubious and sketchy. The same can be said for nearly every "order" out there. Since the legitimate orders often see the illegitimate orders as filtering mechanisms rather than entities to be warned against, the known garbage peddlers are rarely called-out. 
Whatever the case, the actual nuts and bolts of the actual "work" involved is outlined entirely in Crowley's Book 4 and Liber O. It makes for under 150 pages of reading. In terms of actual practice, though, not many people can honestly say they've made it past chapter 1. This is not so much because it's complicated by any means - it isn't. It's that the necessary conditioning requires work (which is in many ways even more important than study), and working at the single most difficult thing any human being has ever been tasked with: to sit still and pay attention without squirming.

Book 4

Liber O

An important and commendable entry worth repeating of Liber O is this:

In this book it is spoken of the Sephiroth and the Paths; of Spirits and Conjurations; of Gods, Spheres, Planes, and many other things which may or may not exist.It is immaterial whether these exist or not. By doing certain things certain results will follow; students are most earnestly warned against attributing objective reality or philosophic validity to any of them.
The advantages to be gained from them are chiefly these:

(a) A widening of the horizon of the mind.

(b) An improvement of the control of the mind.

More is said in this single blurb than in the entirety even the thickest tomes out there.

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EdMenonymous Member
EdMenonymous Jul 12 '18
Ah yes.. Liber O... nice to read this again...

and 777 and book 4 are way read a many times by the Ed.. jsyk..
oh oh whoa whoa whoa whoa.. well... I will write it up for you sir.. but the kool thang about bein a Chaote is...I love these rituals as examples and I amplify them by creating my own..my own style.. my own vibrations I even have my own vowels on my own style of throwing an inverted pentagram to open a circle..My own elementals my own sacred space and trust about me flames myself.. and many gods and goddesses Set Lilith Lucifer Satan ISIS NUIT Babalon and many daemons and faries and voodoo gods and goddessses and wow wow wow owow....I love makin magicks and rituals and I love the BEAST for showing me how....  

I think I will attempt YET AGAIN this ARARITA thing.. I love the concept... everything said and unsaid must be considered from its direct or indirect opposite point of skew vice... ARARITA!!! mergregh...

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AK Jul 12 '18
notariqon: "One is his beginning. One is his Individuality. His permutation is one."
Troll Member
Troll Jan 2

GoetiaGordon, yes i have studied the Qliphot, Biodendrite, the Decad, etc. I've found little value as yet in Goetia and Lesser Key (Solomonic).

My impression is that prayer is best interpreted as communication. If you seek to parasitize or swindle you're likely to become or suffer a casualty, but if you are sincere and cautious, you can have relationships with demons which are beneficial to you, yes. This is my experience.

Zach Black Owner
Zach Black Jan 3
I @ Troll. It always amused me stumbling across some cookie cutter magic book in the ' new age ' section of a Barnes and Noble. Often times there would be either a spell, incantation or story on how to control or manipulate spirits ( Demons ). Even as a kid reading this stuff I could not help but wonder how someone would be so foolish to presume these Demons are idiotic. Such a powerful entity would surely posses intelligence greater than a man.
Troll Member
Troll Jan 4

I'm not sure that they are reliably of any particular character, power, intelligence, or name. The first demon i encountered was a dragon; i don't really distinguish between the two, and yes, it was deep and my impression was that it was powerful.

Perhaps the books you saw were best suited for those who might encounter spirits of a feral (demonic) persuasion on the fringes of their safe and sane world, and they needed to be told certain stories about them in order to steer them clear.

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